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ORGANIC CANDLE HOUSE Scented Tealight Candles x 6 (4 Type of Scents)

ORGANIC CANDLE HOUSE Scented Tealight Candles x 6 (4 Type of Scents)
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OCH Scented Tealight Candles:
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Scented Tealight Candles
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Candles Per Box : 6 candles
Size : 2" in diameter
Burning Duration : 6 hours
Available Scent : Cranberry, Lavender, Rose, Sea Breeze
Candle Material : 100% pure vegetable wax
Cup Material : Aluminium

ORGANIC CANDLE HOUSE's Aromatherapy Scented Tealight Candles are eco-friendly, handmade, natural candles made from 100% pure green vegetable palm wax and soy wax which are both sustainable and kind to our environment. These candles are free from the petroleum based paraffin wax and free from the animal fat.

For your information, the animal fat which is the main ingredient of staeric acid is widely used in paraffin candle’s production and most of the animal stearic acid is the fatty acid from cows, sheep, dogs and the pig’s stamochs. Furthermore, our candles have no additives and are not tested on animals and are therefore guilt free. Our entire candles are of high quality, natural, and environmentally friendly. It is therefore ideal for those who are allergic to paraffin wax candles.

All the green vegetable palm wax that we used in our candles is “Kosher" and “Halal” certified and the most interesting part is that most of the wax and the oil used are of food graded materials. Please note that “Kosher” (also known as kashrut, kashrus or kashruth) is a certificate that signifies foods and beverages that meet the Jewish dietary law. Whereas “Halal” (Arabic:حلال, ḥalāl, Halaal; means lawful or legal) is a term designating objects or actions which are permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law.

This certificate is issued especially for foods and beverages which are processed in a proper way according to the Islamic teaching and it is free from the pork and alcohol. Therefore, it is clean and safe for the consumption of worldwide Muslims.

Why do we want to burn the candles made from vegetable oils?

Very clear burning properties with no toxic particles while burning

Candles which are made from vegetable oil has a very clean burning properties and it does not emit the soot and fumes that are attributed to the run-of-the-mill paraffin candles. It's a fact that paraffin candles release far more soot (black smoke) into the air while burning. This soot contains 11 known toxins of which 2 are carcinogenic - toulene and benzene. The Environmental Protection Agency has produced a report validating the possible dangers of breathing this soot.

Therefore, it is healthier for those who enjoy burning candles at home to burn the candles made from vegetable oil rather than paraffin candles.

Help to safe our environment

The vegetable palm oil that we used to make our candles is from sustainable and renewable resources. It is also a biodegradable material. Thus, the candle we make in our factory is an environmentally and eco-friendly product and do not cause any harm to our environment and earth.

Whereas, the paraffin wax which is the by product of the petroleum is one of our natural resources and is not renewable. As the supply starts running out, more and more drastic measures are being taken to find more. This is not good for the environment and our earth.

Water based

Because vegetable wax is water-based product, it is therefore easy to be clean and washed with soap and water when the melting wax spill over. Since paraffin wax is oil-based instead of water-based, this makes it much harder (if is not impossible) to be cleaned up. Soap and water will not just work on it. This may seem insignificant until some wax is accidentally spilled on your expensive new outfit or the carpet

Being oil based also makes it extremely difficult to clean out the jars to use for other purposes
The most important point is that the wax from vegetable wax will only take a few days or weeks to be absorbed into or by our soil, whereas paraffin wax will take many years to be absorbed by our soil and earth.

No headache

Some people experience horrible headache when they are around the burning paraffin candles. This is because paraffin is a petroleum product – a by product of petroleum refining from the oil industry, AKA crude oil. Paraffin is the sludge that remains at the bottom of the barrel, and is refined to make all the petroleum by-products in the market today. Lighting a paraffin candle is just like lighting a small diesel engine in your home, complete with all of the chemicals and toxins like what had mentioned above to pollute your indoor air, your home and your lungs. It is believed to have caused allergies to some people.

100% natural

Candles which are made from vegetable palm oil are a natural product and it does not require any additives. Only dyes and fragrance are added if desired. It is not free from the paraffin wax and animal fat but free from some harmful chemical.

Safety low temperature

Paraffin candles have a higher melting point compared to vegetable palm or soy candles. This not only makes the candles more dangerous than vegetable wax candle, but paraffin candles will burn faster because of the larger flame needed.

It's hard to tell exactly how much faster it will burn because of various factors. Some of these factors are drafts, not trimming the wick, and not burning the candles very long before blowing it out, can cause any candle to burn much faster than normal.

Will not bend

The candles made from vegetable palm oil will not go bend or become sticky even when exposed to the sunlight or higher temperatures.


All the packaging materials are recyclable and from environmental-friendly source.


Only select the best wicks are selected for these candles. Why do we want to select best wicks for our candles and why it is so important for candles? Imagine that the wick is a heart of a human and without it, the candle is only a piece of wax and cannot serve its purpose to light up our world. What is a good wick and what makes the “good wick” good? Good wick has to be toxic free and does not bring any harm to our human body and this is why we select the 100% cotton wick for our candles. All the wicks we used for our candle has to be 100% cotton wick and does not contain any lead which is harmful to human.

What makes a “good wick” good in as practical manner as possible. What the wick manufacturer can do is to make sure that a good wick is produced. The second part examines what the candle manufacturer can do to make sure that the correct wick is selected for a given application and set of burning conditions. The second part also looks at some of the problems during candle production which can alter the characteristics of a wick to such an extent as to end up making a good wick perform poorly.

What can the Wick Manufacturer do to make sure that a “good wick” is produced?

The recipe for a good wick are excellent raw materials (cotton), excellent chemical treatments, innovative and precise braiding techniques.

Long fibrous cotton is ideal for making wicks. The less “twisting” required to produce the cotton threads, the better the wick.


All the colourant we used for our candles are toxic free and fulfilling the following regulations. EU Directives 67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EEC as all the ingredients of our colourants and the colourants themselves are classified as ‘non-hazardous’ chemical or chemical preparation respectively.

The colourants we used for our candles comply with the limit values for heavy metals and aromatic amines according to EU AP(89) I and IX, recommendation from German BfR. Our colorants also comply with the limit values for migration of heavy metals according to the European norm for toys (EN 71-3). All the ingredients of making the colors are listed in inventories of Europe (EINECS, ELINCS), USA (TSCA) and Canada (DSL) and do not contain any ingredients listed in California Proposition 65, EPCRA Section 313 and OSHA’s hazard communication 29 CFR 1910.1200.

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ORGANIC CANDLE HOUSE Scented Tealight Candles x 6 (4 Type of Scents)
ORGANIC CANDLE HOUSE Scented Tealight Candles x 6 (4 Type of Scents)
ORGANIC CANDLE HOUSE Scented Tealight Candles x 6 (4 Type of Scents)
ORGANIC CANDLE HOUSE Scented Tealight Candles x 6 (4 Type of Scents)
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