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SCENT GARDEN Fragrance Oil - 15ml (6 Type of Scents)

SCENT GARDEN Fragrance Oil - 15ml (6 Type of Scents)
Fragrance Oil Scents:
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Fragrance Oil - 15ml
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Product Information

Fragrance Oils are synthetically produced oils specifically designed to mimic the scent of organic Essential Oils to invoke a pleasant environment or 'feeling'.

Apply a few drops of Fragrance Oil on aroma diffusers or oil burners is enough to produce a pleasing ambience throughout the room.

Fragrance Oils are not as volatile as Essential Oils, thus they are able to last much longer. Despite that, Fragrance Oils are synthetic versions of Essential Oils with different molecular structures. The body do not absorb them like natural molecules, thus do not have the theurapeutic effects and health benefits found in Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Oils.

  1. Forest - Notes of earth, roots, and hints of jasmine sambac and violet.
  2. Fruity - Tropical scent with an undertone of mango and orange.
  3. Lavender - Aromatic clean note, medicinal on one end and licorice-like on the other end.
  4. Morning - Invigorating scent of untouched wilderness.
  5. Rose Fresh - Fresh mandarin and white peony blend with rose.
  6. Sweet Dream - Luscious scent of sweet lavender with gourmand vanilla and cedar undertone.

Following are the differences between the Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Oils, and Fragrance Oils:

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Premier skin-graded, pure and natural Zensuous Essential Oils, for all your optimum aromatherapy needs.

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SCENT GARDEN Fragrance Oil - 15ml (6 Type of Scents)
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