Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is my order / PO number?

    There are 2 ways to check your PO number :
    - Order history. Follow the steps below :
      Youbeli App > Your Account > Order History
    - Email.
      Search subject : Sales Order. You shall see your PO number in the email.
  2. What's my order status?

    - Order history. Follow the steps below :
      Youbeli App > Your Account > Order History
    - Email.
      Search subject : Order Update. You shall see your order status in the content.
  3. When will I get the tracking number?

    - Tracking number will be provided once your order is sent out or picked up by courier. If you do not receive the tracking number after your order status is updated to "Pickup by Courier", please submit the form below.
  4. Is the product available?

    - Refer to the product status displayed in the product information section.
      Either way, you can click on the Whatsapp Inquiry button on the product page to check the availability.
  5. I received damage/wrong item. What do I do?

    - Please fill up the form below and submit to us.
  6. Can I cancel my order if I didn't receive it within the promised delivery time?

    - Yes, only orders that have not been shipped out can be cancelled. To cancel your order, please submit the form below.
  7. I've made my purchases. When will I receive Youbeli points?

    - Youbeli Points will only be accredited to your account after your order is completed - that is, after you have confirmed the receipt of your order. Here's how :
      Click on the 'Order Completed' button in your order history (Youbeli App > Your Account > Order History)
  8. When & how will I receive my refund?

    - The standard refund processing time is within 7-21 working days after confirmation has been made by customer through the email sent by our support team. Youbeli will reverse-transfer the refund according to the payment method that you have selected during checkout.
      eg : Payment method : Credit Card. Refund will be made to the credit card used. The amount will be reflected in your credit card statement.
      Confirmation must be made within 3 days from the email date. If Youbeli fail to receive customer's confirmation, the refund will be transferred into customer's Youbeli Wallet which can be used in the next purchase.
  9. If my checkout using voucher code is refunded, will I be able to get back my voucher code?

    - The voucher will not be returned to you. However, you can still try your luck by asking our friendly support team.
  10. Why is my account being suspended/blocked?

    Your account has been suspended due to any of the reasons below :
    - Violate/misuse Youbeli discount voucher
    - You have multiple accounts in
  11. What will I get if I download Youbeli apps?

    Most of our discount code are valid for in-app purchase only & discounts rate offered are higher than you see on website. Download our app now >>

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