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ZENSUOUS Aromatherapy Oil - 15ml/100ml/1,000ml (21 Type of Scents)

ZENSUOUS Aromatherapy Oil - 15ml/100ml/1,000ml (21 Type of Scents)
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Aromatherapy Oil
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Aromatherapy Oils are basically pure Essential Oils added with mineral oil (or baby oil, also known as diproylene gylcol), to prolong the rate of diffusion for a longer burning or aromatherapy session, while retaining all of Essential Oils' health benefits. Aromatherapy Oils contain organic occuring substances (found in Essential Oils) that can be used in ways to positively affect human's physical, emotional and mental health.

Aromatherapy Oils enter the body through the olfactory system (via aroma diffusers or oil burners). Aromatherapy Oils can be used to enhance mood and uplift the spirit, to relieve symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, stress, and depression, or be used to as an air freshener, as a household disinfectant, and insect repellent.

  1. Aftertobacco - Absorb and neutralize cigarette odor.
  2. Apple Fresh - Helps increase appetite and mood.
  3. Calming - Helps calm and uplift the spirit, promoting relaxation and a deep sense of peace.
  4. Citronella - Popular as insect repellent and household disinfectant.
  5. Eucalyptus - Helps to relieve fatigue, treats respiratory infections. Useful for rheumatism.
  6. French Lavender - Pain reliever. Treats stress and nervous tension, insomnia, and hysteria.
  7. Fresh Air - Relieve headaches and stress.
  8. Green Tea - Improve mental alertness and thinking. Excellent source of antioxidants.
  9. Jasmine - Treats impotence and trigiolity. Eases menstrual cramps,relieves labour pains.
  10. Lavender Rose - Soothes and harmonizes the mind.
  11. Lemongrass - Tones muscles, makes a good sport massage oil.
  12. Morning Dew - Help to stay focus and alert.
  13. Ocean - Calm the nerves and relieve anxiety.
  14. Peppermint - Aids digestion of fats and detoxes liver.
  15. Refresh - Reinvigorate your mind and senses.
  16. Relaxing - Heightens relaxation and rest.
  17. Romance - Elevate the romantic ambiance.
  18. Rose - Soothes and harmonizes the mind.
  19. Sandalwood - An aphrodisiac; has calming properties for meditation.
  20. Vanilla - Antidote for poisoning and stomach complaints.
  21. White Musk - Brings mental clarity and allows an individual to concentrate on ones self.


Aroma Diffuser / Vaporiser / Oil Burner

Fill up bowl with water, add up to 5 drops of Aromatherapy Oils and light up a candle (for Oil Burners) to diffuse the aroma. More effectively, use our electronic Nanoheat Aroma Diffusers for a fire-hazard free, consistent, and convenient aromatherapy experience.

Following are the differences between the Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Oils, and Fragrance Oils:

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Premier skin-graded, pure and natural Zensuous Essential Oils, for all your optimum aromatherapy needs.

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Looking for an economical alternative to keep your room scented and aromatic? Check out our value for money Scent Garden Fragrance Oil ranges!

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Looking for a classier, more powerful aroma diffuser for a larger area, such as a lounge, hall, or podium? Check out our premium Nanoheat Vessel Aroma Diffuser.

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ZENSUOUS Aromatherapy Oil - 15ml/100ml/1,000ml (21 Type of Scents)
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