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Aik Cheong Coffee

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About Us

To be precise, two years before Malaya’s independence dated in August 1957, the humble business beginnings of Aik Cheong Coffee Roaster Sdn. Bhd. took shape. Amidst rustic and quaint surroundings of a little wooden shop along Temple Street in old Melaka Town, dealings in the coffee bean trade were nurtured. Importing coffee beans from Indonesia, the Philippines and South America and then grounding, roasting and packing (all operated manually) for local market consumption were the initial priorities.

The nature of the business was much simpler then, and consumers were contented with the few grades of coffee they had to choose from.

Ten years down the line, the business was relocated to a slightly later premise in the same vicinity. Subsequently, we moved no less than twice to much bigger plants. Still functioning as a family oriented business our establishment is presently sited on a 8-acre site in the Cheng Industrial Estate some 4 km north-east of the Historic City of Melaka.

Coupled with state-of-the-art electronic and mechanical sorting, grading, roasting and packing technologies backed by a highly skilled work force, Aik Cheong is proudly carving a niche for itself in premier brewing and coffee consumption facets both nationwide and internationally.

After some 50 years, we dare say that we are continuously committed to consistently providing high quality gourmet beans, powder and related blends, all yielding the very best in aroma, body, and taste. All said, the company is constantly striving towards innovation and boldness in its product research and development while looking forward to this new millennium in sharing renewed coffee brewing enthusiasm all over the world.