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About Us

The name ‘Nutrisanne’ is comes from a combination of two French words that mean ‘nutrition’ and ‘health’. Just as our name suggests, we manufacture products that deliver nutritional benefits to our customers and support their health goals at the same time.

Nutrisanne Food was established in Bayan Lepas, Penang, in 2012 as a technology-based company. Till today, the company prioritizes in-house research and development in order to manufacture and distribute high-quality healthy noodle products, all made from natural produce.

Our pipeline products are of low sugar, low salt, low fat and low calories for the benefit of health conscious consumers. To keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of busy, young working people, we strive to provide healthy, nutritious products as quick meals to meet their nutritional and lifestyle needs.


Product Highlights

High Fiber 3-minute noodle SlimMee™

Nutrisanne’s number 1 noodle product, the high fiber 3-minute SlimMee noodle, is made from all natural ingredients. It’s easy to prepare, is low in calories and carbohydrates, and contains 6 grams of the daily dietary fiber requirement in one serving. Create a simple and nutritious dinner or lunch in just minutes, or try out different recipes with the noodles for soup dishes, stir-fry dishes, spaghetti dishes and others.

Enjoy the healthier side of instant noodles, without compromising on great taste. This delicious and chewy high-fibre noodle absorbs more flavour from added sauces and gravy, adding a unique and unusual touch for every different meal!

Nutrisanne’s SlimMee noodles are available in 3 varieties: Fettucine, Angel Hair or Square Ramen