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About Us

The brand “Julie’s” has been in the Malaysian market since 1985. Since then, “Julie’s” has built its reputation to become a household brand name known for quality and tasty biscuits in many Asia-Pacific regions. Some of our well-known signature products include Peanut Butter Sandwich, Golden Crackers, and Love Letters.

Julie’s carry many values and mottos. Indeed, some may view us as the company with many taglines. Yet the many taglines and values reflect our commitment to delivering the best experience in each biscuit to our customers – you.

For instance, Julie’s products are proudly “baked with love” and contain “The Best of You” in each biscuit. “Baked with Love” means that we put lots of love into baking biscuits for you. Love means taking care of the taste, quality, and being mindful of our customers’ tastes and preferences. “The Best of You” means we have the best of you – your well-being – in mind, and we put in the “best of our selves” into our work and duties.

With the production of each biscuit, we, at Julie’s, hope to share our values and our love with everyone in the world.

Today, our biscuits have been enjoyed by our fans and friends in over 80 countries and we continue to make headway towards sharing our values and joy to many others in other countries.