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千里送鵝毛,禮輕情意重。 這並非強調禮物一定要便宜,而是送禮更重誠意。一般的考量是投其所好,通過平日的觀察及了解,知道對方所喜歡的,或所需的。只要對方收到合心意的禮物,那就是最好的禮物了!另一考量是獨樂樂不如眾樂樂,把自己喜歡的、覺得好的和他人分享,可能對方會因此而認識新事物喜歡上它。





Sincerity in preparing gift weighs much more than its price.  It does not mean that gift must be low in price, but sincerity is the priority.  Common consideration in   choosing a gift is hit on what one like, this is only possible if you are a good observant, aware of what the person like or need.  If the person receive the desired gift, that  would be the best gift!  Another consideration would be sharing what you like, what  you think is good, the receiver may know new thing and love it.

Feather Gift Shop is mainly selling chinese cultural & educational related gifts.  In chinese traditional drawing, carved ornament etc artwork, it’s full of folk custom and  antiquity, it always adopt auspicious implicated motives to transmit people’s seek  and pursue towards happy and harmony life.  Giving away gift is to send blessing,  don’t you think this feature will say on behalf you?  Furthermore, China is a long  history country and emphasizes on inheriting, throughout the years, the crafts skill is being improved and refined, left to be the treasure of human beings.  

There are many occasions in a year that you need to prepare gifts, such as new  year, birthday, house warming, wedding etc.  While you are busy giving gift to others, don’t forget to put yourself in the list.


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