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ZULQAAS Phytonutrients Serum (Brightening + Hydrating + Anti-Aging)

ZULQAAS Phytonutrients Serum (Brightening + Hydrating + Anti-Aging)
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ZULQAAS Phytonutrients Serum (Brightening + Hydrating + Anti-Aging)
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Product Information

What is Phytonutrients Serum?

Phyto in definition itself is plant.

Our key ingredients of 10 plants extracts will represent the word phyto.

Those phyto/ plants extract functionally acts to feed and nourish your skin with all the nutrients needed.

1st in South East Asia formulated with CHIA SEED extract which is well known as superfoods that can promotes supernutrients to your skin!

This Phytonutrients Serum will easily absorbed and penetrate into the skin and rejuvenate it. The key ingredients are concentrated with properties of:

  • Anti-Tyrosinase
  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Anti-Radical
  • Anti-Inflammatory

Don't worry, our product was endorsed by KKM with Notification number: NOT 180503209K
Safe for human usage.

Key Ingredients


  • NO alcohol
  • NO animal ingredients
  • NO paraben
  • NO silicone
  • NO synthetic colorant
  • NO mineral oil

Benefits to your skin


Anti-tyrosinase properties from combination of licorice plant extract & white mulberry plant extract are potent to inhibit melanin formation (skin’s pigment) and reduce uneven skin tone.

Furthermore, it will inactivate the enzyme responsible for skin pigmentation, improve dark spot and area of hyperpigmentation.

Consistent application will help brighten up and promote even skin tone which is ideal for coarse and dull skin, as well as to those who want to maintain radiant complexion and glowing skin.


1st in South East Asia using chia seed extract for hydration rich effect.

Combination of Chia Seed extact, sodium hyaluronate, biosaccharide gum-1 and saccharide isomerate promotes hydration booster to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.

Those hydration booster properties will combat wrinkle, fine line and sagging of your skin. At the same time will improves skin firmness, elasticity and keep your skin firm, soft and smooth.

Hydrated skin makes your skin looks younger!

All the chosen plants extract offer an ample soothing, immunomodulation effect and anti-inflammatory effect which is ideal from normal skin up to the sensitive skin.

In fact, hydrated skin will boost your make-up with less effort.


The Phytonutrients from plentiful of plants extract help to protect skin cells from damage which is often caused by the sun, free radicals and pollution.

Those plants extract contains naturally powerful antioxidants, which strengthens the capillaries and helps to slow the effects of ageing on skin.

It also tightens sagging and loose skin to help it look firmer and more elastic. Additionally, it stimulates biological activity and cell growth to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

In short, it can boost cell renewal and and regenerates skin cells with lasting glow and healthy complexion.


  1. Apply 2-5 drops to facial area and gently pat your face until fully absorbed.
  2. Apply after thorough cleansing and before sleep at night
  3. Apply in the morning before moisturiser and sunblock
  4. Suitable as make-up base or make-up primer

Watch tutorial on how to apply ZULQAAS Phytonutrients Serum onto your skin



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