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Zan Wheathgrass Powder (2g x 28's) [Zan 全小麦草]

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Wheatgrass contains minerals such as calcium, ions, manganese, phosphorous, sodium, cobalt and zinc, among which potassium ions are particularly important. Its benefits include improving constipation and ingestion, preventing tooth decay, improving acid constitution and eliminating fatigue.

Why is wheatgrass called the ""king of alkaline food""?
Because the alkaline value of wheatgrass is as high as 66.4, which is twice as high as spinach, which has the highest alkaline value in vegetables. To make each organ function normally, the most suitable way is to consume more alkaline foods every day, and wheatgrass, which has a high alkaline degree, absolutely meets this requirement.

How to drink wheatgrass?
It is best to drink three sachets a day, mix wheatgrass with cold water, stir it with a plastic or porcelain spoon (avoid iron spoons) and take it immediately to avoid nutrient loss due to oxidation. At the same time, wheatgrass should not be mixed with hot water to avoid nutritional damage.

Who is best to drink wheatgrass every day?
Anyone is suitable for drinking wheatgrass, especially those with acidic constitution who usually eat meat, fried food, coffee, etc. and those with poor immune function.

Who is not recommended to take wheatgrass?
-Pregnant women, because every pregnant woman has a rate of giving birth to unhealthy children, it is recommended that pregnant women take it after delivery to avoid unnecessary problems.
-High-risk patients, including those with severe kidney damage and those on the verge of death, are not encouraged to take it for safety reasons.

Why is wheatgrass taken before breakfast and before going to bed?
Take it before breakfast to provide complete nutritious food for the day. Take it before going to bed for liver detoxification. It is more recommended to consume before meals, because the absorption is best when on an empty stomach.




- 孕妇,因为每位孕妇都有生产不健康儿童的比率,所以为了避免不必要的问题,建议孕妇产后才服用。
- 高风险患者,包括肾脏严重受损者及死亡边缘患者,为了安全起见,不鼓励服用。

早餐前服用可提供一天所需完整的营养食品。 临睡前服用則可供肝脏排毒所需。比较建议在饭前食用,因为在空腹时的吸收是最好的。
Zan Wheathgrass Powder (2g x 28\'s) [Zan 全小麦草]
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