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Wellderma Cleansing Fish 电动洗脸仪

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Wellderma Cleansing Fish
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* If you use the product together with the cleanser, the skin cleaning can be achieved faster and more effectively.

* The product also has function of vibration which can masage the skin, quickly achieve the magical effect of cleaning and skin care.

* Insert the USB into the power Plug and Then connect with the Power Supply or computer USB interface to charge.

* The brush head of the products : Take appropriate cleanser sttoxing the face, turn on the power to open the clean machine, press the button of "+" "-" adjust the suitable strength for yourself, make the cleaning massage, from eyes to ears, from face to ears, from forehead to ears, finally clean up.

* The tail of the products : With skin care products, keep scraping in the same direction without scraping back and forth. Along the meridian line, the technique was light to heavy. The spots where the pain was met were scraped and scratched for several days until it was not painful.

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Size (length*width*height): 13cm x 6cm x 23cm

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Wellderma Cleansing Fish


Wellderma Cleansing Fish 电动洗脸仪
Wellderma Cleansing Fish 电动洗脸仪
Wellderma Cleansing Fish 电动洗脸仪
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