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Washing Machine Mold and Dirt Cleaner - Aimedia (600g)

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Product Information

Clean the mold and dirt behind your washing tub!

Estimated amount and number of times used.

Use the entire amount in one wash

Recommended to use once every 1-2 months

■ Ingredients: sodium per-carbonate, sodium carbonate (26%), green tea extract, activator

■ Liquidity: alkaline

■ Volume: 600g

■ Made in Japan

How to use?

① Remove the lint removal net beforehand so that it does not hurt.

② Fill up to a high water level.

(3) Put all one bag in it, run for a few minutes to melt the powder, and then turn off the power switch.

④ Leave for 3 to 4 hours with the lid closed.

⑤ Drain all water and run the standard course once or twice to rinse. If you put unnecessary towels etc. during operation, the dirt on the towels will be easy to clean.

*If there is a lot of dirt, scoop up the dirt floating on the surface with a washbasin.

If the washing tub becomes dirty, run the standard course a few more times.

If you use the product for the first time or if it is extremely dirty, it may not be able to be removed completely even if you use it once. In that case, please use "washing mold funnel" again.


-Do not use for any other purpose.

・Please keep out of reach of children.

・Do not use with other detergents at the same time.

・Do not use hot water above 50℃.

・If you have sensitive skin, wear rubber gloves.

・Do not use with the clothes in the washing tub.

・Be careful as it may be discolored if it is in contact with clothing for a long time.

・Do not leave detergent inside for a long time (15 hours or more) as this may cause malfunction.

・Should you observe any abnormality in the washing machine or if you feel a strange odor during use, discontinue use immediately.

・The rest of the bath containing bath salts cannot be used.

・Store in a cool and dark place, avoiding hot and humid places and places exposed to direct sunlight.

・Do not dissolve detergent in water and store in a sealed container. Oxygen is generated and the internal pressure rises.

-A hole is opened on the top so that the container (bag) does not swell.

First Aid

・If on skin, rinse thoroughly with water.

・If the liquid gets into your eyes, immediately rinse it with running water without rubbing. If any abnormality is found, consult a doctor.

・If swallowed, drink plenty of water and milk, do not force vomiting, and immediately consult a doctor.

[Brand] Aimedia, Japan

[Origins] Japan

Washing Machine Mold and Dirt Cleaner - Aimedia (600g)
Washing Machine Mold and Dirt Cleaner - Aimedia (600g)
Washing Machine Mold and Dirt Cleaner - Aimedia (600g)
Washing Machine Mold and Dirt Cleaner - Aimedia (600g)
Washing Machine Mold and Dirt Cleaner - Aimedia (600g)
Washing Machine Mold and Dirt Cleaner - Aimedia (600g)
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