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Veggie & Fruits Multiple Grain Powder 500g

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Veggie & Fruits Multiple Grain Powder
Specifications: 500g / cans

Ingredients: red beans, purple yam, red dates, Chinese wolfberry, tomato,
Brazilian wild berries, red beets, carrots, cranberry, Luo Shen, raspberry, creamer, maltodextrin

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage instructions: Please put it in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight,
in order to keep fresh,
open the tank as soon as possible after eating finished.

Instructions for consumption: hot water to drink. Adjust the concentration according to personal taste.

Features: suitable for post-natal conditioning | promote breast milk | uterine contraction | antioxidant |

Low temperature baking, instant steam sterilization low temperature crushing fine molecular technology full automation vacuum packing packaging strict quality control manufacturing production

Product Description: red beans flat cool, sweet, containing protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, promote cardiovascular activation, diuretic. Can improve the cold, low blood pressure, easy to fatigue phenomenon. Purple yam anti-cancer, anti-aging, lower blood pressure blood sugar, blood fat, known as the king of vegetables. Jujube sweet and warm, by the spleen and stomach, with Bu Zhong Yi Qi, nourishing the nerves, ease the role of drug. Wolfberry with Bushenyijing, Liver eyesight, blood and soothe the nerves of the effect. Blueberry fruit contains very rich in nutrients, high calcium, high iron, high zinc, high vitamin. Prevent brain aging, anti-cancer softening blood vessels. Cranberry is a health fruit that contains many nutrients, such as procyanidins, which can reduce cardiovascular and arterial sclerosis and reduce the incidence of gastric ulcers. Prevent women from common urinary tract infections, anti-aging, beauty beauty. Make the skin more dynamic.

Veggie & Fruits Multiple Grain Powder 500g
Veggie & Fruits Multiple Grain Powder 500g
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