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V8 Sound Card for YouTube Recording Singing

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Product Information
1. Sound card with multiple functions, 16 kinds of sound effects, 8 kinds of effect modes.
8 kinds of effect modes includes Electronic sound mode, for Dodge mode, voice change mode, monitor mode, chat mode,
microphone mode, singing mode, and cancel the original sound mode.
2. DSP sound effect chip, tuning button, 16 kinds of sound effects, elimination of original sound,
live singing, avoiding a button, real-time monitoring, large capacity battery.
3. Powerful DSP audio dual chip, better stability, better signal, clear sound quality without delay, new upgrade.
4. The surface of the shell is sandblasted with metal paint. It has a grinding feel, scratch resistant, comfortable and delicate touch.
It gives you a delicate sensory experience.
5. Reverb size adjustment, microphone volume adjustment, high bass adjustment.
V8 Sound Card for YouTube Recording Singing
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