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Toyota 86 ZN6 2012+ - Triple S Lowering Sport Spring

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Triple S
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Product Information

Lower 20mm-30mm Compare to Stock

Top Performance Handling & Comfortable Driving Feel

Lowered Centre of Gravity

Progressive Spring Design

Excellent Ride Quality

Pure Performance And Look

The normal car was desgned by city street situation to cause the suspension system is too soft to restrain the understeering, that will lead to the crisis of unstable driving handling.

However, general lowering springs on the tuning market were focus on much handling added and much drop. Much handling added will lead to the harder & unfomfortable riding. Moreover, too much drop will cause shock was damaged for the spring stroke lower too much. In addition, Drop too much will let owner not easy to park in basement or mechanic parking towers.

Therefore, we have launched the new generation or the lowering springs Triple S performance springs to the owner want to enhanced performance moderatetly. We enhanced the handling and drivability but reserve the most comfort by our unique technology and over 46 years accumulated experience, that will let common city car have performance & handling but still have comfortable riding. You will feel the improvement right away after installation.We hope the owner can have a stable driving to keep family driving safe.

The mention is that Triple S have measured & consider the stroke of the shock absorbers when design the spring. It can protect the shock absorber to avoid piston rod have collision with the end of the absorber.

Exceed the lowering springs

TRIPLE S Springs contribute to exceed the lowering springs. We doesnt just focused on much drop, we hope to develop TRIPLE S spring suitable for each individual vehicle. We enhanced the handling and drivability but reserve comfort. TRIPLE S lowering spring is differ from the general spring, Its a new generation of lowering spring. We individually designed according to measurement and testing of each individual car model. We hope to overcome the side effect from general lowering springs that damage the shock and bouncing to allow lowering springs was accepted by public and family. Therefore our another slogan is "Caring for family".

Toyota 86 ZN6 2012+ - Triple S Lowering Sport Spring
Toyota 86 ZN6 2012+ - Triple S Lowering Sport Spring
Toyota 86 ZN6 2012+ - Triple S Lowering Sport Spring
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