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The Orchid Flora of Taiwan:A Collection of Line Drawings

The Orchid Flora of Taiwan:A Collection of Line Drawings
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ISBN: 9789863503682

出版日期: 2019-12-30

作者: Tsan-Piao Lin(林讚標)

裝訂: 精裝.部份全彩.1032頁.27.9.


  The history of written records of native orchids in Taiwan began in 1857 with a British botanist. After more than 160 years of study by European, Japanese, and Taiwanese scholars and enthusiasts, the list of native orchids increased to more than 470 species, including natural hybrids and varieties. The author exerted extensive e orts to include all known species in this work and arranged them based on the order of subfamilies. Scientific names, synonyms, and relevant references are provided for each species. Many of the species are provided with additional explanations in the “note” section. The uniqueness of this book is the line drawing illustrations which emphasize the structure of the column. In total, 500 figures are presented to accompany the species descriptions. These extensive line drawings were accumulated since 1971 and were mostly drawn by the author. More than that, this book also presents the gynostemium structure of more than 380 species, including the stigma, pollinium, rostellum, and column, in high-resolution color plates.





Tsan-Piao Lin(林讚標)




  林讚標博士對野生蘭的熱情緣自臺大植物系研究所階段。1971年,他參與了為出版《臺灣植物誌》(Flora of Taiwan)而展開的植物採集活動,與蘭科結下因緣。過去50年間,林博士與野生蘭的關係分為三個階段:第一階段(1971至1981),他就讀碩士班,之後服務於行政院農委會林業試驗所,此間他發現了許多新種野生蘭,並於1975至1987年間出版《台灣蘭科植物》三冊;第二階段自1981起,他出國取得博士學位,回到林試所,並於2000年轉任臺大植物系教職,然此25年間他的研究興趣轉向林學與植物生理學,與野生蘭全然無涉;最後一個階段約自2005年開始,因朋友牽引,他重回野生蘭的研究領域。2017年於台大退休前,他已完全投入於野生蘭的研究,從事撰文、繪圖與出版等,現已形成一個以他為核心的野生蘭資訊中心,未來他仍將繼續貢獻他對野生蘭的見解。

  This book came to fruition only after numerous efforts over the past half a century. Tsan-Piao Lin's (1948~) passion for native orchids dates back to his graduate program in the Department of Botany, National Taiwan University (NTU). In 1971, he joined a plant hunting project associated with publication of the Flora of Taiwan, and that was the beginning of his orchid story. In the last 50 years, the relationship between Prof. Lin and native orchids can be summarized into three stages. In the first stage (1971~1981), Lin studied in the master’s program and later worked in the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, where he discovered many new orchids, and based on those findings, he published the three-volume Native Orchids of Taiwan (1975~1987). The second stage began with his pursuit of a PhD degree at Oregon State University, USA in 1981. In these 25 years, he developed interests in plant molecular biology and no longer had anything to do with native orchids. The last stage began from about 2005, when he accidentally came back to the systematics of native orchids. In the last 3 years, before and after his retirement in January 2017, he dedicated himself to studying orchids and writing this book. He will continue to work on the systematics of native orchids because he is now forming an information center with large amounts of input from di erent corners of Taiwan.


The Orchid Flora of Taiwan:A Collection of Line Drawings
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