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Silica Gel (1 Tong) - [multiple options]

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PRODUCT NAME: Silica Gel (1 Tong)

This product comes with the following options with different/similar pricing (excluding shipping). Please choose your option carefully before buying. The main picture of this listing could refer to different option.

[+] CHOOSE / PILIH TYPE OPTION #1: White+Blue (5000pcs)

[+] CHOOSE / PILIH TYPE OPTION #2: Blue+White (12.5 KG)

[+] CHOOSE / PILIH TYPE OPTION #3: Orange (5000pcs)

[+] CHOOSE / PILIH TYPE OPTION #4: Orange+White 12.5 KG

[+] CHOOSE / PILIH TYPE OPTION #5: Orange (12.5 KG)

[+] CHOOSE / PILIH TYPE OPTION #6: White (5000pcs)

[+] CHOOSE / PILIH TYPE OPTION #7: White+Orange 5000pcs

[+] CHOOSE / PILIH TYPE OPTION #8: White (12.5 KG)

[+] CHOOSE / PILIH TYPE OPTION #9: Blue (12.5 KG)

Packed in 18L Rectangular Tin Container

Kegunaan Silica Gel ialah untuk menyerap kelembapan udara, sesuai untuk kasut, bag, kamera dan lain-lain.

1) 1 Gram x packets in a tin container.
2) KG Silica Gel Beads (loose form) in a tin container.

*For food packaging please select White / Orange silica gel.

Uses for Silica Gel:
1) Silica Gel protects expensive leather items like jackets, shoes, and boots.
2) Avoids musty smelling books and preserves your archived documents.
3) Use in a variety of personal bags to soak up small spills and maintain freshness. Commonly used in make-up bags, travel bags, suitcases, school bags, hand bags, purses, sports bags and work briefcases.
4) Put Silica Gel in your toolbox to protect all kinds of precious tools and fastenings from rust and oxidation.
5) Commonly used in jewellery boxes to prevent tarnish to gold and silver.
6) Use in linen cupboards to protect your unused bed linen, duvets and fabrics.
7) Prevent musty shoes and clothes odours by placing sachets inside shoes and using throughout your wardrobes.
8) Prevent tarnishing silverware and cutlery and use in sewing kits to preserve your pins and needles.
9) Very popular as cat litter.
10) Use Silica Gel in your boxes of stored Christmas ornaments and decorations to keep them looking new, year after year.
11) Prolong the life of your razor blades.
12) Avoid clumping of laundry and dishwasher powder.
13) Protection of your everyday household items in boxes, bags and storage containers around the garage, garden shed, office, under the stairs, kitchen, wardrobes, junk drawers, laundry, linen and bathroom cupboards.

Why do we need silica gel?

Silica Gel is usually used in many products since moisture and condensation encourages the growth of mould and spoilage and may damage the goods. Silica Gel dries, avoids dampness, resists rust, fit for damp proof of instruments, meter, weapon, cartridge, electronic components, household apparatus, spare parts of machinery, leather, pharmacy, food, costume, textiles and other packed goods.

Why Do We Need Orange Silica Gel?

Silica Gel (1 Tong) - [multiple options]
Silica Gel (1 Tong) - [multiple options]
Silica Gel (1 Tong) - [multiple options]
Silica Gel (1 Tong) - [multiple options]
Silica Gel (1 Tong) - [multiple options]
Silica Gel (1 Tong) - [multiple options]
Silica Gel (1 Tong) - [multiple options]
Silica Gel (1 Tong) - [multiple options]
Silica Gel (1 Tong) - [multiple options]
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