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Sihate Olive Oil (Certified Organic and Extra Virgin) 250ml EXPIRY 2025

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Product Information
Sihate Olive Oil is enriched with Vitamin E and K, has the highest anti-oxidant levels and contains Oleocantal and Monounsaturated Fatty Acids which are able to protect the body from disease.

'Drink olive oil & oil with it because verily it is from a blessed tree’ …( HR Al-Baihaqi & Ibnu Majah)

Product of Turkey

Benefits of Sihate Olive Oil (it helps)
1. Reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes
2. Kills breast cancer cells
3. Protect the body from neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's
4. Strengthen bones
5. Improve nail health
6. Lose weight
7. Treat depression
8. Control cholesterol in the body
9. Relieves constipation
10. Eliminate kidney stones
11. Dilute earwax

Advantages of Sihate Olive Oil compared to other brands
1. Made in Turkey - from a 500 -year -old tree
2. 100% organic, First & Cold Extraction - no use of heat
3. Acidity 0.5% - very low
4. Use of dark bottles - maintain the quality of the oil
5. Recognized Organic by USDA

Usage Instruction of Sihate Olive Oil
Consume 1 to 2 tablespoon of Olive Oil every morning and at night on empty stomach followed by a small glass of warm water


Q : Can Sihaté olive oil cure my disease?
A : Olive oil is not a medicine. It is a food that when taken in a certain quantity, Insyallah can help controlling some types of diseases that there are studies on it. However, the intake of olive oil also needs to be balanced with a healthy lifestyle. For some chronic diseases, it is necessary to seek a doctor's advice before taking olive oil.

Q : Can Sihaté Olive Oil be used for cooking?
A : Basically, olive oil will be affected in its nutritional value when exposed to heat. But based on some studies, extra-virgin olive oil is very good to use for cooking COMPARED to other oils because it is able to maintain the nutrients of cooked food. However, it is sufficient to use it by sprinkling it on food after cooking.
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