Safawi Madinah Dates (Jumbo) (1KG) - Box

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Safawi dates are characterised by their dark black colour and its long form and medium size. It is simillar to ajwa dates in terms of its taste and delicacy. The tree of safawi is characterised by its productivity and this is what makes safawi dates more available and easy to get at any time as opposed to the rest of the other types. But, although it is available, it remains among the best types of dates in the kingdom and the most needed. Requests on this type increases each day since it is one of the best high quality and the most beneficial dates for the human health.


  • The greatest health benefit of Safawi dates is its great nutrition value as it contains nutrients such as Iron and Calcium. It tends to provide 1% Iron and 1% calcium per 20g of serving. It is also rich in fibers sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium. A good amount of nutrients help in keeping the stomach healthy, so much that those suffering from constipation get instant relief.
  • A great health benefit of Safawi dates is that it helps cure intestinal disorders through its nutrition such as iron and calcium. A medium sized date is a rich source of Iron and calcium which helps in curing the intestinal disorders and even helps in preventing these disorders to take place.
  • Safawi dates are a special variety of dates mainly grown in Saudi Arabia in the Al-Madina region.
  • Premium hand selected quality Safawi dates
  • 100% Natural Contents: No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives.

Safawi Madinah Dates (Jumbo) (1KG) - Box
Safawi Madinah Dates (Jumbo) (1KG) - Box
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