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Sabah Borneo Local Sea Bird Nest (500g)

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  • Natural Collagen
  • Enhances your weight loss program
  • Contains Carrageenan which is a great natural food emulsifier and stabilizing agent
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1 x Sabah Borneo Local Sea Bird Nest (500g)

  • Sea Bird Nest (Eucheuma cottonii) is wonderful seaweed that is full of natural nutrients that are very healing. This seaweed is great for healing inflammation, arthritis and lowering cholesterol.

  • Natural Collagen - This wonderful seaweed also contains a natural source of collagen which is great for healing joints and ligaments and all the cartilage of the body. Plus collagen is great for bring back that youthful appearance to the skin and preventing wrinkles, age spots, and dry skin.

  • Weight Loss - Eucheuma Seaweed is very low in calories, and thus it works well as a low calorie food for those who want to lose a few extra pounds.

  • Contains Carrageenan - Also known as seaweed flour carrageenan is a great natural food emulsifier and stabilizing agent. And carrageenan is used in the making of yogurts, cakes, cookies, custards, chocolate, ice cream, soy milk, nut milks, and many other foods.

  • It comes in whole form and it has to be soaked overnight before cooking. During cooking, you may add in pine screw leaves (daun pandan) with red dates and rock sugar. It is a dessert to be served chill.

  • In addition, it can be used as ingredient for making salad.

  • Remark: The seaweed itself has natural sea water odour. It is not chemical odour.

Sabah Borneo Local Sea Bird Nest (500g)
Sabah Borneo Local Sea Bird Nest (500g)
Sabah Borneo Local Sea Bird Nest (500g)
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