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Rycom Baby Nasal Aspirator NC005 (The Dolphin) Battery Operated

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Product Information

The Rycom Baby Nasal Aspirator is designed to gently remove excess mucus from a baby’s nose. Using the aspirator is easy. What you need to do is gently insert the appropriate nozzle into the baby’s nose to create a seal between the nostril and nozzle. When you switch on the power, the aspirator will extract the unwanted fluids from the nose.

Since babies no more than one year old can only breathe by nose, it is essential to clean their nasal secretion and mucus regularly in case of illness. The aspirator can be used until the toddler can blow his own nose, at which point that should be encouraged.

Unlike other manual aspirators, Rycom Nasal Aspirator is mobile and easy to use. Manual aspirators require constant movement of the hand or suction created by the parent. With the Rycom Nasal Aspirator, one can hold the apparatus very steadily in one hand and the baby in the other whilst clearing the nose causing no distress to either baby or parent.

Descriptions of Rycom Nasal Aspirator :

  • Clean baby’s nose with tender and safety
  • Easy to use and operate
  • 58kPa of suction power without discomforting the baby
  • Accessaries included: 1 silicone suction nozzle, 15 plastic cups, 2 x 1.5V AA batteries, 1 spare silicone seal ring
  • Weight : 196g
  • Relative humidity <80%RH
  • Ambient temperature 10-40 degree Celcius
  • Size: 200x95x64mm
  • 2 speeds operation
  • Music button

Advice to Parents –

  • Do clean your hands before taking care of your children
  • Do upright your baby’s head during operation and make sure smooth air draft
  • Do moisture the nasal secretion before operation
  • Do make sure the baby’s mouth is open during operation, so air could draft in nostril

Rycom Baby Nasal Aspirator NC005 (The Dolphin) Battery Operated
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