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Rin Enzyme Japanese Enzyme Liquid 1000ml

Rin Enzyme Japanese Enzyme Liquid 1000ml
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Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 20cm x 37cm x 17cm


Made in Japan

Improves immune system & protects against diseases
Improves blood circulation & increases energy
Improves metabolism
With more than 35 types of vegetables , fruits, grains, seaweeds, herbs , natural yeast and pure plum extract
100% Alcohol Free
Suitable for children & adult & old people
RIN Enzyme is an age old Japanese formula that has undergone and passed various stringent medical and scientific tests, one of which would be by Dr Eguchi Fumio from Takasaki University. Dr Fumio clinically analysed RIN Enzyme down to the slightest detail – from its raw material components, to its manufacturing method and also its disease prevention and treatment processes, and that authenticated RIN’s medical benefits.

Highly bio-available and bioactive, RIN Enzyme can be absorbed by human body within 30 minutes and has been proven by blood test.

RIN enzyme has recently been awarded the Certificate of Patent (No. 3806009 & No. 3896338) for its distinctive formulation and manufacturing process conclusively verifying its health benefits to improve hypertension, curb high blood lipid and prevent obesity.

As can be seen from the various processes that are involved in creating the products, one can trust that RIN is 100% natural, and is completely free from artificial chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, additives or even coloring and flavoring!

The RIN range of enzyme comes in a wide variety to ensure that the various needs of all consumers are met. There is the RIN Liquid Enzyme that caters for everyone’s regular enzyme supplementation, the RIN Powder Enzyme that is a convenient supplement for frequent travelers and is also safe for consumption by those with diabetes, and finally, the RIN Premium Enzyme for the chronics.

How To Take

Take 30ml - 50 ml daily . Mix with water or any juice .

(Do Not mix with hot water)
Rin Enzyme Japanese Enzyme Liquid 1000ml
Rin Enzyme Japanese Enzyme Liquid 1000ml
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