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Rethink Bulk Bin Bags - Small 3Pcs

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Material: Cotton

Rethink Bulk Bin Bags make it easier than ever to avoid plastic containers and to take home loose wholefoods like beans, trail mix, rice and spices. These Small Bin Bags are perfect for solo shoppers who are cooking for one, and can also be used as snack bags during travel and long commutes!

Like all of Rethink’s products, you can be certain that these Certified Organic bags are kind to the environment – made from premium, unbleached Indian cotton and 100% biodegradable.

Pack contains
(3x) Small bags | 18 x 28.5 cm

Care instructions
Gentle machine wash and line dry.
Expect slight shrinkage of around 1 cm.

“We know it’s hard to remember your reusable bags…however we can testify from experience it’s possible to retrain your brain, rethink before you know it, reusing your own bags will become a habit!”

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Rethink Bulk Bin Bags - Small 3Pcs
Rethink Bulk Bin Bags - Small 3Pcs
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