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PYE L-Crack Filla Acrylic Ready-Mixed Filler (400Gram)

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PYE L-Crack Filla (400Gram)
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Product Information
*Easy to filling large crack (5-10mm wide)
*Reduced shrinkage
*Can be painted
Adhension: Adheres firmly to most clean, dry and grease free concrete surfaces.
Colour: Greyish White
Sandability: Formulated for easy sanding
Odour: Odourless on drying
Cleaning: Clean tools with water

PYE L-Crack Filla can be used in interior and exterior ready-mixed grey colour quick drying filler with strong adhesion, hardness and minimal shrinkage. It is used for patching 5 - 10 mm cracks, holes and surface defects, particularly where surface may require painting or redecorating. It is formulated using special selected filler that is hard and suitable for interior and exterior repairs use and it adheres strongly to cement plaster and concrete surfaces.
PYE L-Crack Filla Acrylic Ready-Mixed Filler (400Gram)
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