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Pro Mill's Premium Milk Replacer + Enriched COLOSTRUM for kitten

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Size (length*width*height): 20cm x 20cm x 20cm

Specially formulated milk replacer for kittens, which is similar to their mothers' milk Goat Milk Powder with added colostrum Product from New Zealand 200gm with 1 free milk powder container Goats Milk Powder: 1. Easier to digest with less irritation than cows milk 2. Higher percentage in calcium than cows milk 3. Has better absorption for minerals such as iron, magnesium and phosphorous 4. Contains fewer allergens Enriched with COLOSTRUM 1. High content of immunoglobulins, which function as antibodies to protect the young until they are old enough to be vaccinated. 2. Has higher concentration of proteins and fats than sugars. 3. Ensures newborns have plenty of energy right from the start. 4. As a substitute for newborns as they only have a limited duration (1216 hours after giving birth) to drink their mothers colostrum. Suitable For : 1. For Kitten (Newborn to 6 weeks of age) 2. Pregnant or Lactating Cats 3. Adult Cats with Special Nutrition Needs Unique features: 1. Mothers milk replacer for kittens 2. Food supplement for adult cats 3. Easy to mix powder 4. Highly digestible advanced formula Key Benefits: 1. Support strong immune system 2. Support gut health & digestion 3. Resolve allergies & food sensitivities 4. Support oral health 5. Support healthy skin & coat 6. Ideals for adult cat to support anti-inflammatory and immune response

Pro Mill\'s Premium Milk Replacer + Enriched COLOSTRUM for kitten
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