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PP 08 Clear Plastic Bag / 5 x 8 inch Clear PP 08 (0.08mm) Plastic Bag / Thin PP Bag / Jenis Tebal / Pembungkus Lutsinar

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Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 38cm x 43cm x 13cm

Material: PP

Origin: Local

Type: Dry Storage

PP 08 Clear Plastic Bag / 5 x 8 inch Clear PP 08 (0.08mm) Plastic Bag / Thick PP Bag / Jenis Tebal / Pembungkus Lutsinar

- SKU : CPP08PB-5x8INCH-0000G

- Specification :
(01) Color: Clear / Transparent
(02) Place of origin: Malaysia
(03) Material : Polypropylene (PP)
(04) Thickness: 0.08mm (8 micron)
(05) Dimension: 127mm(W) x 203mm(H) / 5in(W) x 8in(H)
(06) Features: 04 grade, i.e. 0.08mm (8 micron) is the thick PP thickness for plastic bag. It make us able to see thorough clear what is inside the bag. However, it won't creases easily compared with PP 03 and PP 04 bag. When stack with each others, it is won't easily to slide down due to its thickness compared with PP 03 and PP 04 bag.
(07) Manufactured from food grade HPP material, harmless and healthy.
(08) Non yellowish, remain clear after used up for 5 years or keep in storage without using it due to high grade PP materials are being used to manufacture it.
(09) Non plastic smelly.
(10) Waterproof, keep products clean and free from moisture.
(11) Clear bag, good for organization and easy for identification of contents.
(12) Suitable for all packaging. Perfect for storing a variety of goods, such as food, coffee, beans, tea, powder, dry fruits, hardware, accessories, jewelry, etc.
(13) PP bag selling price is based on its product Gross Weight that is 100% packing sorted out from manufactured factory, standard size will be 2kg +/-, 1kg +/- or 500g +/-.
(14) Theoretically product Gross Weight : 2kg +/- means Net Weight : 1650g - 2010g.
(15) Theoretically product Gross Weight : 1kg +/- means Net Weight : 650g - 1010g.
(16) Theoretically product Gross Weight : 500g +/- means Net Weight : 300g - 510g.
(17) Accessories : PP bag x 1 pack
(18) Unique design.
(19) Malaysia READY stock.
(20) We can meet any order quantity.
(21) Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
(22) Value Added Service: We are 100% guarantee that, OFFICIAL INVOICE will be issued and attached together with the purchase for customer's future claim purpose if have any. Please state clearly the billing party and delivery details. Bewared and put highly alert with the invoice documents attached in the packaging upon goods receiving. Hence, kindly feel hassle free with the purchase.
(23) For more details, please contact us.

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PP 08 Clear Plastic Bag / 5 x 8 inch Clear PP 08 (0.08mm) Plastic Bag / Thin PP Bag / Jenis Tebal / Pembungkus Lutsinar
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