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Plants vs Zombies ● Dinosaur Comic: Time Travel Search and Rescue

Plants vs Zombies ● Dinosaur Comic: Time Travel Search and Rescue
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Product Information
ISBN: 9789672296256
Book Title:Plants vs Zombies ● Dinosaur Comic: Time Travel Search and Rescue
Series:Dinosaur Comic
Author:Xiao Jiangnan
Binding Type: Soft Cover,Coloured Printed,176 pages

Famous Jurassic restaurant owner Jalapeno goes missing mysteriously while sailing in Bermuda. Meanwhile, strange dinosaur fossils are found in the quarry of Plant Town. Torchwood suspects that both incidents must be related. So, Peashooter and his friends embark on a journey to the mysterious Bermuda to find out what is happening.

In the Bermuda waters, the Plants discover a time travel portal and cross over to the Jurassic. They unintentionally stumble upon a secret base hidden under the Jurassic ocean and discover that dinosaurs such as Apatosaurus, Seismosaurus and Allosaurus are kept as prisoners. Furthermore, they also find Jalapeno in there but he is acting suspiciously.

To find out what is going on, the Plants and the “know-it-all” Epidendrosaurus make their way via the sea and land to attack Dr Zomboss’ lair. An epic battle is about to begin on the night when the full moon shines!
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