Pes Kurma / Dates Paste (1KG) - PLASTIC BAG

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Dates Paste 1KG

Khalas Paste is made from a single ingredient: fresh ripe Khalas dates. thats why we called it Khalas dates paste.

Khalas is well known for their soft texture & rich sweetness. It is premium quality, all-natural and preservative-free. As a pure dried fruit, it has a long shelf life and will stay fresh for many months even at room temperature. Since dates are naturally sweet, our Super Pure Khalas dates paste contains no added sugar. It is an ideal food for daily consumption.

Main ingredient for dates paste is 100% dates. Combination for many types of quality dates. That date paste recipe is perfect for sweetening cakes, muffins, and other treats. Dates are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and provide a source of nutrient-dense energy. Cooking and baking with date puree is an easy way to eliminate refined sugar while still satisfying a sweet tooth.


In baking recipes, substitute date pastes for dry sweeteners using a 1:1 ratio.

Whisk it into salad dressings to help emulsify and add a hint of sweetness.

Swirl it into morning oatmeal.

Sweeten a smoothie or fruit-based nice cream.

Add it to soups, stews, chilis, or sauces that need a bit of sweetness.

Spread it on toast.

Smear it on celery sticks.


1. Biskut Oat Kurma

2. Kuih keria kurma

3. Kek pisang kurma

4. Makmur kurma susu

5. Cheesekut kurma

6. Kurma Ice Cream

7. Biskut kurma cheese

8. Biskut arab kurma

9. Tart kurma

10. Biskut mentega kurma

11. Biskut kurma badam oats

12. Chocolate chip kurma

13. Biskut nestum kurma crunchy

14. Brownies kurma

15. Puding kurma

16. Red velvet button

17. Mantou kurma

18. Pengat pisang kurma

19. Puding roti pes kurma

20. Kuih keria kurma

Pes Kurma / Dates Paste (1KG) - PLASTIC BAG
Pes Kurma / Dates Paste (1KG) - PLASTIC BAG
Pes Kurma / Dates Paste (1KG) - PLASTIC BAG
Pes Kurma / Dates Paste (1KG) - PLASTIC BAG
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