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Hai-O Organic SOD Pu-Erh Tea (5g x 30')

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【特点 Characteristics】
SOD抗酸普洱茶也被称为“青年茶”。它富含人体所需的SOD抗氧化剂,使人感到年轻而充满活力。 除了享受普洱茶以外,它还使您精力充沛。 SOD抗酸普洱茶温和,不含色素,添加剂和防腐剂,是一种100%纯天然饮料。
SOD Acid-Resistant Pu’er Tea is also known as the “Tea of Youth”. It is rich in SOD antioxidants required for the human body, making people feel youthful and vibrant. Apart from the enjoyment of Pu’er tea, it also makes you more energetic. The SOD Acid-Resistant Pu’er Tea is mild, free of colourings, additives and preservatives, it is a 100% pure natural beverage.

【成分 Ingredients】
Anti-acid Pu-Er Tea

【服用方法 Instruction】
制备方法: -每个茶袋可以用约200毫升的热水冲泡,可以重复冲泡几次 -为了获得更好的效果,每天至少喝两袋香囊 -可以添加糖,牛奶,蜂蜜或柠檬来调味。
Method Of Preparation: - Each tea bag can brew with about 200ml of hot water, brewing can be repeated several times - For better results, drink at least two sachets daily - Sugar, milk, honey or lemon can be added for flavour.

【适宜对象 Suitable for】
它适合所有年龄段,并且可以在任何给定时间和任何数量食用。服药的人只能在服药后的1 1/2小时内食用。
It is suitable for all ages and can be consumed at any given time and in any quantity. Those on medication should only consume it 1 1/2 hours after taking their medication.
Hai-O Organic SOD Pu-Erh Tea (5g x 30\')
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