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One Touch Ultra Easy Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Product Information

Product details of One Touch Ultra Easy Blood Glucose Monitoring System

OneTouch® UltraEasy™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System

It's speedy
The OneTouch® UltraEasy™ Meter gives you accurate results in just 5 seconds so it won't slow you down.
It's simple
The OneTouch® UltraEasy™ Meter features a large, easy-to-read screen, and simple 3-step testing.
It's sleek
Convenient to carry - just the right size to fit into a pocket, purse or briefcase.


  • Small Size fits in your pocket
  • Results within five seconds
  • 50 test memory
  • Allows alternative site testing.
  • Does not allow downloading to a computer.
  • A useful meter when a compact and portable device is required.

The following images provide an overview of using the OneTouch Ultra Easy Meter.


1. Note the size of the OneTouch meter which makes it easy to carry around with you.


2. OneTouch Ultra Easy device, test strips and Lancing device.


3. Insert a fresh Lancet into the One Touch Lancing Device.


4. Remove cap off Lancing Device.


5. The device has nine puncture depth settings. The smaller numbers are for a shallow puncture which is suitable for children.


6. Prime the device by sliding the control back as shown in the picture.


7. Note the code printed clearly on the cannister of test strips. This code should be entered into your meter when using a new batch of test strips for the first time.


8. Insert test strip into meter. The device should turn on automatically.


9. When using a fresh batch of test strips you would need to enter the code by using the arrow buttons on your meter.


10. Prick your finger using the Lancing Device.


11. Make sure you have a small droplet of blood by gently squeezing your finger.


12. Touch the end of the test strip to the droplet. It will then be drawn into the meter.


13. Results are displayed within 5 seconds. Remove the test strip to turn off the meter. Always dispose of the used test strip in a suitable container.

One Touch Ultra Easy Blood Glucose Monitoring System
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