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NHF Super 7 Days Detox Set (FREE SHIPPING)

NHF Super 7 Days Detox Set (FREE SHIPPING)
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NHF Super 7 Days Detox Set (FREE SHIPPING)
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CELLULAR DETOXIFICATION : Deep cell detoxification must be carried out in every part of the body to decompose toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals pesticides and harmful bacteria and viruses before they are send to the colon. To decompose the harmful toxins, the neutralization process must be perfomed in all the cells within the body, such as the cells in the brain, bones and cardiovascular system.

TOXIN ELIMINATION : This is the process where toxic remnants, the leftover parts of the process, will be purged from the body via the colon, or large intestines. Dietary fiber and beneficial bacteria are essential in this step due to their vital function in aiding bowel movements. If toxins are unable to be purged due to colon obstruction, they will be reabsorbed into the blood stream.

NUTRIENT ABSORBTION : After the body has done a thorough detoxification, the cells will be able to absorb nutrients more efficiently. At this time, we must give the body nutrition it needs and ensure that all cells in the body are healthy, especially the immune cells

CELLULAR REGENERATION : The cells will be activated once they have enough nutrition, which will in turn boost the immunity of the body. Not only will damaged cells quickly repair and regenerate themselves, the body will also be free from diseases and other complications.

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NHF Super 7 Days Detox Set (FREE SHIPPING)

Provide greater detoxification functions
Perform detoxification and Cell Renewal rapidly Bio Organix
Provide 48 types of complete nutrient for human needs
1st in Malaysia with Certified Full Organic Lactobacillus Acidophilus Biozyme
Improve digestion
Enhances the breaking down of nutrients Battling toxins such as heavy metals, caffeine, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals and biological toxins
NHF Super 7 Days Detox Set (FREE SHIPPING)
NHF Super 7 Days Detox Set (FREE SHIPPING)
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