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Nestle MILO® ProteinUp Chocolate Malt 225ml, Buy 3 Free 1

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Nestle MILO® ProteinUp Chocolate Malt 225ml, Buy 3 Free 1


MILO® PROTEIN UP™ is the latest ready-to-drink addition to MILO®, crafted specifically for adults who seek high-protein products for their diet. It contains 13g of protein which is equivalent to protein in 2 hen’s eggs. MILO PROTEIN UP comes in a bottle format which can be consumed anytime, anywhere to fit the lifestyle of people who are always on the move and time-pressed. With the goodness of malt, milk, and cocoa and paired with the taste of MILO® you love, power yourself up today!

With 13g of Protein, MILO® PROTEIN UP™ can be part of your diet to meet your daily recommended protein intake. Having enough protein helps you build or maintain your muscles. This is needed for your daily activities. MILO® PROTEIN UP™ will also give you the nutritious energy of MILO®.


Nestle MILO® ProteinUp Chocolate Malt 225ml, Buy 3 Free 1
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