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NESCAFE Latte Milk Tea Mobile Legend Edition (15x25g)

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NESCAFE Latte Milk Tea Mobile Legend Edition (15x25g)

NESCAFE Latte Milk Tea Mobile Legend Edition (15x25g)


Our Latte flavoured range is a perfectly balanced milky coffee with delicious flavours and an irresistible layer of froth.


Excite your tastebuds with an unexpected twist of coffee and tea. The NESCAFÉ Latte Milk Tea offers a unique mix of creamy coffee and a refreshing tea flavour to a cup of coffee bursting with ‘tas-tea’ flavours.



BRAND OVERVIEW - Nescafé is an iconic coffee brand that is recognized around the world. Nescafé comes from a rich coffee tradition that supports local communities and its farmers. The brand has been able to grow and innovate over the years, giving coffee lovers excitement and delight every time they need and want a cup of coffee.



ABOUT NESCAFÉ LATTE MILK TEA - Captivate and excite your taste buds with NESCAFÉ Latte Milk Tea 3 in 1, a perfect balance of refreshingly smooth milk tea that comes with a hint of coffee – a sensationally charming affair!



REFRESHING TASTE - We all enjoy the creamy and refreshing taste of Milk Tea. Now we’ve combined it with our Nescafé Latte, creating a uniquely Malaysian blend that’s bursting with tas-TEA flavours!



INGREDIENTS –All our coffee beans are carefully handpicked, and a quality blend of 100% pure coffee made from the finest coffee beans, plus made with real milk and real tea extract specifically picked for you.



HIGH QUALITY CHECK - The final quality test takes place before the coffee is used to make your favorite Nescafé. There are professional tasting teams in every Nescafé plant worldwide. Satisfying their expert tastebuds is just the last of many quality tests that help guarantee the fresh, delicious taste of every mug of Nescafé latte coffee.



ADVOCATE OF SUSTAINABLE COFFEE - You know a great tasting latte coffee if it comes from the hard work of many people. NESCAFÉ is supporting local farming communities and inspiring a new generation to become coffee farmers, with empowerment and upskilling programs.ee farmers, with empowerment and upskilling programs.

NESCAFE Latte Milk Tea Mobile Legend Edition (15x25g)
NESCAFE Latte Milk Tea Mobile Legend Edition (15x25g)
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