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Momoda Electric Eye Massager Machine

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Product Information

What's in the box:

1 x Eye Massager 1 x USB cable 1 x Bag 1 x Instruction 1 x Warranty card 1 x Quality certificate

[BKGadget] Momoda Electric Eye Massager Machine - Relieve Eye Fatigue | Graphene Hot Compression | 180 Degree Foldable Design

Product Details :

Trade name: momoda eye massager

Product model: SX322

Rated voltage: 5V

Rated power: 5W

Folding angle: 0-180 degrees

Appearance size: 208mm * 76mm * 106mm

Working time: 15 minutes

Mo Mo Da eye massager

Make a spa for eyes and mind

Hot application of graphene, air bag rubbing, one key operation, easy cleaning and skin friendly material

15 minutes a day to soothe your tired eyes

Mo Mo Da eye massager, for you to bring a comprehensive solution to eye fatigue. Air pressure imitating hand squeezing, vibration massage, combined with graphene hot compress, can quickly relieve eye fatigue. Fabric protein leather material, let you wear more light and comfortable. Charging Wireless range, host folding, built-in soothing music, let you give your eyes and mind a spa anytime and anywhere.

Multi frequency vibration massage

Rejuvenate your eyes

The built-in vibration double engine vibrates 160 + times per second. The intermittent multi frequency vibration massage technique is used to continuously vibrate and massage 11 acupoints of the eyes, stimulate the meridians of the eyes, make your eye muscles move, and rejuvenate the eyes.

Graphene constant temperature hot pack

Let your eyes no longer puffy

With graphene safe heating material, the constant temperature hot compress experience like hot towel at 40 C can keep the skin warm. After opening the hot compress function, the eye can gradually feel the warm feeling within 5 seconds. Compared with the traditional eye massager, it increases the hot compress area by more than 60%, accelerates the blood circulation of the eyes more comprehensively, relaxes the muscles of the eyes more deeply, and relieves the acid swelling of the eyes more effectively.

One button switching of three modes

Meet different eye massage needs

In order to meet the different needs of different groups of people for eye massage, momota specially selected 30 participants for hundreds of experience feedback. After several rounds of adjustment tests, it finally determined the best combination of three kinds of feedback massage. Three modes of one button switching, adapt to different scenes, different groups, bring you different eye relaxation experience.

180 foldable design, portable and easy to store

The maximum turning angle is 180 and it can be folded in half. After folding in half, it is only the size of a mobile phone and can be easily put into a handbag, backpack, etc. Can be carried on high-speed rail, aircraft, etc. Let you enjoy a professional and comfortable eye spa on the way.

Momoda Electric Eye Massager Machine
Momoda Electric Eye Massager Machine
Momoda Electric Eye Massager Machine
Momoda Electric Eye Massager Machine
Momoda Electric Eye Massager Machine
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