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Me-Flash Led Dental Whitening Toothbrush Set

Me-Flash Led Dental Whitening Toothbrush Set
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Me-Flash Led Dental
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Size (length*width*height): 15cm x 5cm x 8cm

What is the Me Flash Teeth Whitening set?
If like me, you’ve been on the lookout for the next best way to improve your dental routine, then you’re going to love hearing about the Me Flash Teeth Whitening set. This is a teeth care set developed specifically to whiten your teeth with the help of a specially crafted toothpaste and LED whitening technology. If you’ve heard about LED teeth whitening then maybe what comes to mind is a dentist visit for the procedure, or the teeth whiteners that have been all the rage of the internet recently. However, Me Flash Teeth Whitening takes this concept and models it into your everyday brushing experience.

In your typical Me Flash Teeth Whitening set you will find:
(1) An Electric toothbrush stem with a head that emits LED light
(2) Three different detachable toothbrush heads so that you can switch them out every few months to maintain firm bristles
(3) Specially made whitening toothpaste.
All three of these come together to give you a unique daily brushing experience that brightens your pearly whites with each passing day!

To clean and whiten every day
They really weren’t kidding when they said your choice of toothpaste can make or break your dental care routine. Me Flash Teeth Whitening took the initiative to make their own toothpaste, specifically designed to not only clean but also whiten your teeth.
With each brush I would rid my mouth of lingering bacteria and hidden odors, all while also having my teeth brighten from this toothpaste’s whitening ingredients. On your teeth the whitening agent in the toothpaste penetrates to reach the discolored molecules, reacting with them to reveal your white teeth as a result! It’s also got a refreshing peppermint flavor!

Direct LED whitening with each brush
What is perhaps the most notable feature of the Me Flash Teeth Whitening Kit is the LED Dental Device. On the toothbrush it is located at the top of the toothbrush stem where the brush head would normally be. From there it sits underneath the replaceable brush, shining that LED light onto your teeth as you brush.
You may be wondering what the light does. Well dental experts have noted a faster rate of teeth whitening when the teeth are put underneath LED lighting. So having the light shining on your teeth speeds up the whitening process, making it a much faster process to just brush to whiten your pearly whites!

Carefully crafted bristles
It would be remiss of me to talk about the Me Flash Teeth Whitening kit without mentioning the replaceable brush heads. Such thin bristles make it much easier for each brush to reach the hidden sections of the teeth, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning experience!

How do you use the Me Flash Teeth Whitening Set?
(1) Simply fix on the brush head, put on some toothpaste and get to brushing! Don’t worry about the electric part being affected by water, it is 100% waterproof!

(2) I would recommend brushing for at least 3 minutes, to give enough time for LED light and toothpast
Me-Flash Led Dental Whitening Toothbrush Set
Me-Flash Led Dental Whitening Toothbrush Set
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