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Mageline 3-Step Skincare Medium Set for Dry and Normal Skin

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Mageline 麦吉丽
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  • Enjoy Natural Beauty and Restore Baby-Like Skin with 3 Simple Steps 
  • Suitable for 1. Dry, flaky and sensitive skin; 2. Freckles and hyper pigmentation skin; 3. Dull and tired skin; 4. Acne prone skin; 5. Busy schedule and don’t have time using too many skincare products; 6. Anti aging, sagging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, visible pores; 7. Long hours in front of computers, exposure to radiation; 8. Stay up late night
  • Step 1: Mageline Yeast Essence Balance Lotion Further cleanse and efficient penetration of 5 layers of skin to replenish moisture and revive dull skin, while balancing water and oil secretion. Rich yeast extract can promote metabolism, lock in moisture, and inhibit melanin production. Witch hazel extract soothes and heals the skin, excreting impurities, prevent breakouts, diminish dullness, firming and rejuvenate the skin.  
  • Step 2: Mageline Youth Essence Intense Concentrate Anti-blue light essence. Rare plants essence lightens dark pigmentation, improves blood circulation, and revives dull skin. Small molecules are easily absorbed, and effectively nourishes aging skin, reduce skin pigmentation, rejuvenate aging cells, resulting in smooth and supple skin. Usage After applying toner, dispense 1–2 drops of Mageline Youth Essence Intense Concentrate, apply on both cheeks first then the balance to the T-zone areas, next rubbing your hands together to generate heat and "pressing" your face for few seconds, keep repeating the same steps till the essence is fully absorbed by the skin.
  • Step 3: Mageline Noble Lady Cream Naturally improve skin radiance. A product that can replace BB foundation cream. Hokkaido pearl extract helps to revitalise dull and uneven skin tone and brightens skin inside out naturally. Hydrolyzed placenta extract dissolves aging skin cells and repairs damaged tissues, reduce wrinkles. French rose oil lightens spots and acne marks, tighten pores, improve metabolism. Jellyfish extract reduces fine lines and wrinkles, effectively treats skin discoloration and removes skin pigmentation naturally. Usage After serum/essence, apply a pea-sized amount of the Noble Lady Cream, dab the cream on your fingertip onto your face (apply it in dots), then gently pat till it's fully absorbed. For Day Use only. Can apply this Noble Lady Cream on dark spots/ pigmentation areas at night.
  • Suitable for dry and normal skin types, including sensitive skin, and safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.  
Product Information

What's in the box:

40ml Toner, 10ml Essence, 10g Moisturizer

Enjoy Natural Beauty and Restore Baby-Like Skin with 3 Simple Steps
1. 干敏族:肌肤干燥起皮、红血丝,过敏肌
2. 色斑族:面部零零星星出现斑点
3. 黄脸族:肤色暗黄满脸倦容,痘痘脸激素
4. 懒人族:既想要好皮肤,又想省时间
5. 恐老族:害怕肌肤松弛、细纹找上门
6. 电脑族:长期接受电脑、电磁辐射
7. 熬夜族:经常超过11点才睡觉的
Step 1.麦吉丽酵母精萃平衡水高效渗透皮下五层结构深度补水祛黄,同时平衡水油分泌,丰富的酵母精华能促进新陈代谢,保湿嫩肤,抑制黑色素生成,金缕梅提取物能帮助肌肤排出浊质,防痘紧致,减退黯哑,活化肌肤
Step 2.麦吉丽青春浓缩精华素珍稀植物精粹能够深层淡化黑色素,改善血液微循坏,令肌肤白皙红润紧实健康,小分子极易吸收,滋养老化肌肤,减轻皮肤色素沉着,更新衰老细胞,令肌肤弹润嫩滑。
Step 3.麦吉丽贵妇美颜膏自然提亮肤色至光彩靓丽,是一款可以代替bb霜粉底的护肤保养品,水解羊胎盘提取物溶解老化角质,修复受损的皮肤组织,淡化细纹,玫瑰花油能淡化斑点痘印,收细毛孔,促进新陈代谢,水母可以嫩肤抗皱,改善肤色,净化祛黄。仅用于日间. 晚上可以涂在斑点痘印的地方.
平衡水 - 洁面后,取适量平衡水于掌心或倒在化妆棉上,均匀拍打至全面吸收即可。
春浓缩精华素 - 1.化妆水后,取1~2滴精华液于虎口位置。2.用美容指(无名指、中指)蘸取,轻柔按摩于面部。3.双手搓热,快速包裹面部,用双手癿温度加速产品癿吸收。 4.最后剩余的精华液对脖子位置也做一次护理。
贵妇美颜膏 - 取黄豆大小贵妇美颜膏均匀点在脸上,轻轻拍打至吸收. 仅用于日间. 晚上可以涂在斑点痘印的地方.
Mageline 3-Step Skincare Medium Set for Dry and Normal Skin
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