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Mageline Biomass Graphene Refreshing and Brightening Mask

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Mageline 麦吉丽
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Mageline Biomass Graphene Refreshing and Brightening Face Mask, 5pc/box

  • Hydrating, brightening and purifying
  • Fresh, crystalline, clear and illuminating
  • Two-step combination of serum and essence
  • Achieves 1+1=2 skincare effect, deeply hydrates, brightens skin tone and leaves skin radiant and bright
  • Serum + essence combination, double brightens skin tone, gets rid of dullness, and leaves skin as beautify as with beauty filter, for upgraded transparent lustre.
  • Effectively resists oxidation, alleviates skin dullness, makes skin clear and radiant day after day, and regains fresh and glowing look
  • The glycyrrhiza glabra essence can leave skin brightened, working with precious brightening and moisturising essences such as niacinamide, triple flower extracts and Tokyo prunus yedoensis leaf etc for bright and hydrated skin.
  • Helps to minimise dark spots, acne scars and pigmentation.

Step 1: apply the serum on your face and gently massage until absorbed

Step 2: take out the mask and apply it to your face, gently press to fit skin. Enjoy for 15-20 minutes, thereafter, rinse off with water and apply moisturizer to lock in moisture.

Product Information
  • High Quality, Natural and Environmental and Skin Friendly Multi-Effect Facial Mask
  • Purifying 吸附肌肤污垢及彩妆残留
  • Pore Refining 净化收缩毛孔
  • Negative Ions and Anti-oxidant 负离子抗氧化
  • Red Infrared promotes Blood Circulation and Metabolism 促进血液循环和新陈代谢
  • Enhance Absorption of Nutrients 促进营养吸收

  • 创新黑科技,焕亮纯净美肌
  • 生物质石墨烯,科技与天然结合的新型材料,面膜布,独特三维立体花工艺,吸附净化毛孔,促营养易吸收,负离子抗氧化,柔软服帖透气
  • 亮采水润,透亮纯净
  • 鲜活通透,清透亮肤
  • 原液+精华液两步曲组合, 实现1+1=2 的护肤功效,双倍提亮肤色,赶走暗沉,深度补水,肌肤自带美颜滤镜,通透性和光泽度upup!
  • 有效抗氧化,减缓肌肤黯淡无光,肌肤绽放莹亮光泽
  • 光甘草定精华液可帮助肌肤透亮,配合烟酰胺,三花悦白露,东京樱花叶等珍贵亮肤,水润精华成分,透亮润泽肌肤触手可得。
  • Mageline Biomass Graphene Refreshing and Brightening Mask
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