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Lang Bragman Infabac Probiotic Lafti B94 + Lysine, 2g Powder Per Sachet, 14 Sachets Per Box- Probiotic for Kid's Stomach

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Product Information

Size (length*width*height): 15cm x 20cm x 10cm

Expiry Date: Normal Expiry

Function: Intestinal Problems

Formulation: Powder

Lang Bragman Infabac Probiotic Lafti B94 + Lysine, 2g Powder Per Sachet, 14 Sachets Per Box- Probiotic for Kid's Stomach


- Specification:
(01) Color: White
(02) Dimension: 177mm(W) x 127mm(D) x 50mm(H)
(03) MAL 17126048N
(04) K.K.L.I.U. 1503/2019
(05) 2g Fruity powder in one sachet, sealed.

- INFABAC is a scientifically formulated for the needs of children above 1 year old, containing bioactives Bifidobacterium animalis spp.lactis LAFTI B94 and L-lysine hydrochloride.
- INFABAC is for gastrointestinal health and appetite improvement.

- Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis - LAFTI® B94 - 10mg
- L-Lysine Hydrochloride (Providing 40mg of L-Lysine) - 50mg
*with prebiotic FOS (Fibrulinec®) and natural orange juice powder flavor
*May contains dairy and its derivatives

- The Golden 1000 days
- The first 1000 days of life span from day of conception till the child attends two years of age (UNICEF, Nepal), is considered the most important development phase.
- The dynamics of the behavior-gut associations in early life is important because many physical and mental health conditions (e.g., obesity, anxiety) have early life antecedents.

- Benefits of Probiotic
- Probiotic supplementation is a safe approach in aid of gut health. Probiotic helps to digest food and improve nutrients absorption.

- Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis LAFTI B94
- Resistant to gastric & bile acidity.
- Survive through human gastrointestinal tract.

- L-Lysine Hydrochloride
- As an essential amino acid which body cannot be synthesized by its own.
- Easily get destroyed during food preparation especially baking or deep frying.
- Support healthy growth and development in children.
- Maintenance of healthy body function⁵.

- About FOS prebiotic
- A form of dietary fiber that acts as a fertilizer for the probiotic (good bacteria).
- Clinically supported health benefiting with good-tolerability.

- Microencapsulated and lyophilized technology
- Survives gastric acid and bile
- Backed by clinical research and trials
- GMP certified

- Children 1 year and above : 1 sachet (2g) each time, once daily after meal.

- NO added gluten, whear, Soy, Preservaties or colouring

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(16) Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
(17) Package include: 2g powder/sachet, x 14 sachets/box
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Lang Bragman Infabac Probiotic Lafti B94 + Lysine, 2g Powder Per Sachet, 14 Sachets Per Box- Probiotic for Kid\'s Stomach
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