[Exp 2026] Koji Dream Magic Miracle Change Eyetape II Slim

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A set of 180's & 192's pieces adhesive eye tapes for creating double-eyelid with a deeper dimension,

2 times deeper than the regular one.

With long lasting performance

Origin : Japan

Size : 180's & 192's

dream magic miracle change I tape II slim

192 pc with both eyes, 96 times-single-sided type


How to use the 1. before using the grease and dirt on the eyelids, cotton well, determines the position of the line of the crease.

2. pinch the end of the tape at Zizers, Peel slowly from the mount.

Please note because it weakens the adhesion and peel off the tape with your fingers.

3. align the desired crease lines at the top of the tape, and firmly adhered to the eyelids.

4. eye shadow is paint finished on the tape.

How to remove a tape

Moisten the cotton, cleansing oil, meant for the eyelid. When it easier to peel the tape from the corner please hagashi slowly.

Please note * impossible to peel off and attack your skin.

Please note Please use it after we use the skin care hygiene material tape tape is allergic to patch (to be confirmed 24 hours, any abnormality on the skin on the inside of the upper arm).

do not use if you have scars, rashes, eczema, skin.

and discontinue use if using immediately, such as redness, itching and irritation, and consult to a skin doctor. Symptoms may worsen if you continue to use.

before Goodnight, always remove the tape.

Material Medical hygiene material tape (non-woven rayon cloth)

[Randomly Send Some Packing Fade But Content in Good State]

M.Change 192's Pink Exp date : 11.2024

[Exp 2026] Koji Dream Magic Miracle Change Eyetape II Slim
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