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Japanese Craft Gin·Matsui Premium Gin「The Hakuto」700ml 47%

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[特点 Features]
White Rabbit Gin is made from a base of gin, specially selected from Tottori's special sweet and juicy "King of Pears" 20th century pears, with nine ingredients including orange peel and yuzu peel for fruits, Japanese yucca green tea for herbs, cherry blossoms, spicy coriander seeds, Japanese pepper, black pepper, and five more ingredients, making a total of 14 unique Japanese botanicals.

[嗅感 Smell]
You can feel the fresh citrus flavor, the sweetness of pear and the spicy flavor of black pepper and Japanese pepper.

[服用方法 Instruction]
1. 酒杯中加入冰块,再加入三分之一的金酒。一口下去,会有一股杜松子的味道。
2. 将冰块放入玻璃杯中,将酸橙汁挤入杯中,然后加入金酒,最后加苏打水制成。口味稍甜,后劲较辣。
1. Fill the glass with ice and add a third of the gin. One sip will give a taste of juniper berries.
2. Made by putting ice cubes into a glass, squeezing lime juice into the glass, then adding gin and finishing with soda water. The taste is slightly sweet and has a spicy finish.

[注意事项 Precaution]
威士忌白兰地软木塞具有高度的柔韧性和弹性,并具有出色的密封性能,但由于它是天然材料,因此长期存放可能会收缩。如果是软木塞瓶酒,可能会出现以下情况,属于正常现象。 ●瓶子和软木塞之间有间隙,内容物泄漏或蒸发以减少内容物。软木塞的弹性降低使软木塞易碎且难以打开。酒类出现颜色、香气,沉淀,封口变松等变化。
Whisky brandy cork is highly flexible and elastic and has excellent sealing properties, but because it is a natural material, it may shrink in long-term storage. In the case of corked bottles of wine, the following conditions may occur and are normal ● There is a gap between the bottle and the cork, and the contents leak or evaporate to reduce the contents. ● The elasticity of the cork is reduced making the cork fragile and difficult to open. ● Changes in the color and aroma of the wine, precipitation, and loosening of the seal.
Japanese Craft Gin·Matsui Premium Gin「The Hakuto」700ml 47%
Japanese Craft Gin·Matsui Premium Gin「The Hakuto」700ml 47%
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