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Isense Energized Feminine Pads 245mm (2 Boxes)

Isense Energized Feminine Pads 245mm (2 Boxes)
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  • Size: 245mm
  • Day Pad
  • 10 Pads per box

Negative Ions
Negative ions are created by oxygen from the air molecules attached with free- electrons. It is like the sun which is an indispensable natural material to human. Negative ions at the wilderness, beach, village, waterfall, fountains, etc. are usually 2000 negative ions per cubic centimeter and above. On the other hand, in the cities, densed population, smoke stacks, dust surge, as well as car exhaust, air is polluted, the number of negative ions significantly reduced (the room in the city is usually 40-50 negative ions per cubic centimeter), destroyed the ecological balance and health threatened to people.

Negative ions are colorless, odorless and have strong adsorption characteristic. It is able to adsorb the nearest tiny particles that are found in the air, clear the dust and mold. Negative ions are like the vitamin in the foods and it is known as "air vitamin", "longevity factor", "air street sweeper" and other reputed references.

Negative ions are particular important to human’s health. It is able to generates bonding ability; usually those dusts, bacteria and harmful viruses are positively charged particles. Negative ions allow them to drawn each others and permeate into bacteria’s cells and kills the bacteria, therefore, they are less likely to infect humans. The more the number of negative ions in the air means the less the number of bacteria. When the negative ion’s concentration reaches a certain point means the number of bacteria is zero.

Under the provision of World Health Organization: negative ions content should not range lower than 1000/cc in the fresh air. In some places (such as mountains) there is no deadly infectious of diseases, generally healthy and long life; it is significantly related to the high concentration of the negative ions in this atmosphere.

Discovery and application of negative ions can be traced back as early as the nineteenth century, the first international academic conference proven the effectiveness of negative ions on the human body is a German physicist Dr. Philip Lione. He thought the Earth's natural environment which contents the most concentration of negative ions and beneficial to human health is the surrounding of waterfall.

At present, the world leader in negative ion technology is "the first person of negative ions", "the first person of ions medical research," is a Japanese medical professor Horiguchi. In 30 years, his discovery of ‘Ion Medical’ is known as "the greatest of the life sciences in twenty-first century, the finding of human’s only way to retrieve health"

Nano-silver is the use of cutting-edge nanotechnology silver nano technology, nano (nm) is the second after the smallest micron of a unit of measurement, a nanometer is one millionth millimeter, or nanometers, which is one billionth meters.

Nano silver is a natural silver metal with modern high-tech nano technology processed into the tiny particles of silver. Besides antibacterial effect, it is also with superior activity and stronger permeability, its bactericidal effectiveness is hundreds of times more than normal Silver.

Nano-silver antimicrobial agent has been widely used to treat burns, trauma, infection, purulence, acne, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, bacteria, fungi and diseases, to achieve real long-term non-broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy of antibiotics. The non-toxic, tasteless, no stimulation, no allergic reactions, and will not cause bacterial resistance, is pure green medical antibacterial products.

The human society entered the 21st century, nanotechnology in medical and health fields began to be applied and achieved a breakthrough. Non-antibiotic Nano Silver Antibiotic Agent in clinical development and successful application of the nano-medical material to prove in clinical medicine have a wide range of applications.

Nano-silver can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria within minutes. Nano-silver can kill most of their contacts bacteria, fungi, mold, spores and other microorganisms. It has been verified by the U.S. FDA, SGS Laboratory and the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences and other Chinese military authorities: They have such a comprehensive antimicrobial activity towards some pathogen which is resistant to drug such as E. Coli, resistance to drug staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus pyogenes and some anaerobes microbs. They also kill Candida albicans and other G+, G- disease-causing bacteria. For chlamydia, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and fungi, also have a powerful bactericidal effect.
  • Safe, non-toxic, non-stimulating
  • As early as in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" records: Seng Bank, non-toxic.
  • U.S. Public Health 1990 "report on the toxicity of silver" in Description: silver on the human body without adverse effects; nano-silver is topical, low silver content, is the safest way of medication.
  • The experimental verification of Military Medical Sciences: mice in the oral maximum tolerated dose 925mg/kg, which is equivalent to 4625 times the clinical dose when used without any toxicity, skin irritation test in rabbits, also found no stimulation.
Isense Energized Feminine Pads 245mm (2 Boxes)
Isense Energized Feminine Pads 245mm (2 Boxes)
Isense Energized Feminine Pads 245mm (2 Boxes)
Isense Energized Feminine Pads 245mm (2 Boxes)
Isense Energized Feminine Pads 245mm (2 Boxes)
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