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IMAXX Walkable Mop WM-01

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The IMAXX Walkable Mop will leave your home clean and sparkling! Using absorbent microfiber strands and smart centrifugal technology, this Walkable Mop will save you time and energy to clean your home with ease. You’ll love your IMAXX Walkable Mop! This is the only mop design on the market that swivels 360 degrees, to make mopping tight spaces or underneath furniture a breeze. The IMAXX Walkable Mop is more efficient than traditional mops as it uses special Centrifugal technology to spin and dry the mop head. Simply placing the mop in the bucket spinner and pressing down activates the rotating gears that spin the mop head up to 1000RPM, spinning off dirty water and drying instantly. The IMAXX Walkable Mop head is made of microfiber strands, a material designed for its super absorbent properties. Clean your home quickly as this mop head absorbs up to 10 times its own weight in water! Best of all, the mop head is easily cleaned after use, as it cleans back to new after a quick spin or cycle in your washing machine. Features: Telescopic Stainless Steel Handle: Light, strong and stores away easily. Mop head: Swivels and rotates 360’ to reach any tight space. Stainless Steel and strong PP plastic parts for robust use. Bendable handle: Extends to 38cm to make walking easy. Smooth plastic wheels: Durable to protect floors from scratching. Perfect for cleaning any hard surface floors. Dimensions: Mop head: 36cm 100% Microfiber/Polyester Bucket: 49 x 27 x 26 Telescopic Stainless Steel Handle: 87cm extends to 126cm Colour : Green or Orange How does it work? After wetting the mop head in water, place the mop head into the spinner; hold the mop handle then press down. The mop head will spin, cleaning off excess dirt and drying in the process. Can I clean the mop head? Yes! When you are finished cleaning, simply rinse the mop head with clean water and place in the spinner to spin dry. Occasionally you can detach the mop head fabric to place in the washing machine during a normal wash, however do not dry in an automatic dryer.
IMAXX Walkable Mop WM-01
IMAXX Walkable Mop WM-01
IMAXX Walkable Mop WM-01
IMAXX Walkable Mop WM-01
IMAXX Walkable Mop WM-01
IMAXX Walkable Mop WM-01
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