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Homemate Concentrated Laundary Detergent

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Homemate Concentrated Laundary Detergent
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Homemate Concentrated Laundary Detergent

Attributes:Homemate Homecare Series

Homemate Concentrated Laundry Detergent is produced with the herbal cleaning factor SOPN and natural Sapindus mukorossi fruits extract. The Chinese soapberry, Sapindus mukorossi, is a plant which has been commonly used for laundry since thousands years ago. Sapindus mukorossi is rich in glucosides which removes stains from clothes effectively. Do not cause irritation and allergy to the skin. Added with the glossing ingredients that is harmless to dyes and fibers, maintain clothes color without fading. The weak acidic formulation is harmless to wool, cotton and silk textiles, and gentle to the skin. Its Phosphate-free formula protects our environment.

Mild cationic softener helps to soften clothes and resist static. Concentrated Laundry Detergent is more cost effective as compare to the others laundry detergent in the market.


Hand wash:

add 10ml Detergent (about 1/3 cap) into 10ℓ water, soak clothes before washing.

Machine wash:

Add 10ml Detergent (about 1/3 cap) into 30ℓ water, then follow with normal washing procedure. Add 20ml Detergent (about 2/3 cap) into 45ℓ water if using super capacity washer.

Homemate Concentrated Laundary Detergent
Homemate Concentrated Laundary Detergent
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