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Product Information
  • Remote controlled multi-surface cleaning robot
  • Works on all plate surfaces
  • Featured with motorized skates
  • 99% window coverage
  • Includes 3 kinds of auto modes and manual modes
The Hobot-188 Multi-Surface Cleaning Robot is the only robot true to the gesture of hand when cleaning windows. Reproducing its rotary movement, the microfiber pads effectively scrub the glass surface and electrifying the dust microparticles to loosen them from the wall. Two cleaning wheels covered with a microfiber cloth move and rotate on the window surface at the same time a powerful vacuum sucks out the dust and removes the impurities, having an oustanding cleaning performance. The E.ZIVAC particles extractor for an indepth cleaning: Once caught in the microfibre, dust are ejected out of the unit with its motor / E.ZIVAC patented extractor. So the pads are saturatedless quickly and can continue to take off and absorb particles throughout its cycle. Integrated drying function: To increase the degreasing performance of your windows - fingerprints, polution etc - you can use a cleaning solution that has to be sprayed on the glass prior to the cleaning. The suction power of the extractor E.ZIVAC will immediatelydry droplets of glass support, as you would with a manual cleaner. Passes 2 times at the same place to accentuate its cleaning efficiency: It has a method of exclusive and patented movement which ensures each of the rotary pads pass 2 times at the same place. The first passage absorbs the majority of dirt located on the surface of the glass. During its 2nd passage, it completes cleaning by capturing the remaining dust. Best method of navigation to ensure coverage of 99%: No matter where it starts its cycle, it guarantees coverage of 99% of the glass surface. At each start the robot rises above the surface to be cleaned, and then methodically moves by double-side scan. Once at the bottom of the window, it automatically stops and signals the end of its cycle with a beep.
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