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Herby Natural Nutriments Meal (300g) [御康 谷宝养生餐]

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Herby Natural Nutriments Meal is made from 32 selected cereal grains and refined ingredients using fine boiled technology.

Both its nutritional value and health care effectiveness are superior than other health food.

It is rich in cereal grain essence, with a mild quality, a comprehensive nutritional health product for regulating physiological functions, strengthening physique and maintaining health.

Comprehensive nutrition healthcare products / suitable for vegetarian / sugar-free.

It uses 32 types of herbal medicine:
Common Yam,Burdock,Tuber Fleeceflower,Radix Angelicae Sinensis,White Dutch Runner Bean,Adzuki Bean, Coarse Rice, Lotus Seed,Semen Euryales,Radix Ophiopogonis, Coix Seed,Indian Buead, Ginkgo Seed,Pinenut Kernels,Greenish Lily,Millet,Common Buckwheat,Mung Bean,Soybean,Pea,Cashew Nut,Sunflower Seed,Walnuts,Peanut, Almomd,Eucommia Bark,Carrot,Jew's Ear ,Black Date,Green tea,Spinach。

和胃健脾 ,补中益气,利水通便,强身健体。其营养价值和保健功效均优于其他保健食品。



御康谷宝养生餐(32味)成份 :
山药 , 牛蒡 ,青仁黑豆 ,何首乌,当归 , 花豆,红豆 , 糙米 ,莲子 ,芡实 ,麦冬 ,薏仁 ,茯苓 ,白果,松子 ,百合 ,小米,荞麦 ,绿豆,黄豆 ,碗豆 ,腰果 ,葵瓜子 ,核桃,花生 ,杏仁 ,杜仲 ,胡萝卜 ,黑木耳 ,黑枣 ,绿茶,菠菜 。
Herby Natural Nutriments Meal (300g) [御康 谷宝养生餐]
Herby Natural Nutriments Meal (300g) [御康 谷宝养生餐]
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