Gen Air Ultra Filter Membrane UF4238

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Model Code UF4238
Product Dimension (DxWxH) 100.5*965(mm)
Product Material Stainless Steel 304
Flow Rate 1,600-2,500 liter/hr
Model Code UF4238
Product Dimension (DxWxH) 100.5*965(mm)
Product Material Stainless Steel
Flow Rate 1,600-2,500 liter/hr
Filtration 0.01 Micron
Max pressure 4 bars
Max. Working Temp 5-45°C
Type of filtration media Hollow fibre membrane
Backwash Manual/Automatic (Optional with Galcon 9001 Auto Timer)
Product Features
.Fully 304 Stainless Steel housing
.Membrane 0.01 Micron filtration technology
.Bacteria / virus guard
.Preserves mineral
.Easy installation
.Daily flush system
.Space saving
.Low maintenance fees
.Ideal for domestic / industrial / restaurant use
R esearch shows that water can deliver nutrient, keep body temperature, promotes health, but it not mean that's enough by just drinking water.
Gen Air water filtration system using the latest filtration technology which includes many features that can filter suspended solid in the water, separates water into small molecule for easier absorption and helps to remove waste from body.
Gen Air water filtration system provide you with clean and safety water into your house, from cleaning to cooking, it promotes you and your family a hygienic and healthy home.
Membrane Ultra Filter 0.01 Micron filtration.
.Ultra Filtration is the latest membrane based technology that remove up to 99.9% impurities to meet various demand of quality water supply
Fully automatic cleaning feature flushes out the trapped sediments & impurities with minimum operator intervention, ensure that the filtered water in its purest form
.This self cleaning process prevents clogging of filter membranes & thus prolong the life-span of the hollow fiber membrane
.Ultra Filtration is a membrane separation technique used to segregate, concentrate and purify substances according to molecular weight & size, it is a pressure driven unit operation in which particulates bacteria and living organism are retained, provides superior filtration process, leaving pure water molecules pass through the hollow fiber membrane

Gen Air Ultra Filter Membrane UF4238
Gen Air Ultra Filter Membrane UF4238
Gen Air Ultra Filter Membrane UF4238
Gen Air Ultra Filter Membrane UF4238
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