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Flash Diffuser Speedlight (Omni Bounce) for Canon 600 EX-RT

Flash Diffuser Speedlight (Omni Bounce) for Canon 600 EX-RT
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Why use flash bounce diffuser?
• Difusser is used to spreads the light from the flash of a camera. In effect, the light will not come from one concentrated source, but rather will spread out, bounce from reflective ceilings and walls, thus getting rid of harsh light and shadows.
• Flash with diffuser installed and tilted at 45 degrees gives a nice soft wrap around the light with a soft shadow behind the subject.
• Helps to reduce hard background shadows and eliminates red eye effect.
• This is useful for event and portrait photographers, since harsh light and shadows are usually not considered flattering in a potrait.

• Material: Polyethelyne
• Compatible: Canon 600EX
• Soft, even, diffused light from your shoe-mount flash
• Ultra-wide angle of coverage
• Attached instantly without touch tabs
• Lightweight and compact

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