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Ellanor and the Curse on the Nine-Tailed Fox

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A potential game-changer in the world of young adult fiction.” – Review on Goodreads

Original. Well-crafted and believable characters.” – Kirkus Reviews

Nearly a year has passed since Elly returned home to Alendria after being stranded in the human realm of Gaya. Now Thirteen, Elly has been changed and hardened by back-breaking, rigorous training with the Order of Kaizendil. Though she has learned to teleport, wield a sword, and use a bow and arrow with some skill, she is terrified of the impending task that awaits her: to seek out the Four Guardians of Gaya, in the hopes that they will restore the four poisoned orbs of power that sustain the Tree of Alendria. When the Order finally receives the first signal from Graille, the Guardian of Light, Elly embarks on a perilous journey in Gaya to find the Guardian. There, she gets caught in a web of intrigue that takes her all the way to South Korea, where she meets an old woman and her grandson who turns out to be pivotal to the restoration of the first orb. Along the way, Elly is shattered by a devastating truth about a mysterious, traumatised girl named Goldie, who has been hiding out in London for the past year.

In this reveting second book in the series, Elly faces many vile enemies and painful challenges on her quest…and how will she learn to trust again?

Author: Kathryn Tse-Durham
Kathryn Tse-Durham completed a Master’s in Speech Pathology Studies after graduating with a Bachelor degree majoring in Clinical Psychology with Honours, minoring in Linguistics. She has always loved art and writing, and like all aspiring writers, her dream was to share her view and vision to a wider audience. Not one to simply sit around, she was proactive and took the first few steps to making her dream a reality. In 2009, she completed a creative writing course through the University of Oxford.

Through passion, persistence and sheer hard work, her small inkling of an idea morphed into a planned series, The Ellanor Chronicles. The first two instalments have been independently published: Ellanor and the Search for Organoth Blue Amber (2014) , which was a Finalist in the Fantasy genre at the International Book Awards 2015; and its sequel Ellanor and the Curse on the Nine-Tailed Fox (2015).

Ellanor and the Curse on the Nine-Tailed Fox
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