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Electric Fruit Juicer Cup Bottle Mixer 500ML USB Portable Rechargeable Juice Extractors Blender with 4 Blades

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Product Information
★ Multifunctional and multifunctional: It has the functions of two milk bottles and juicer. A product has two functions, elegant and beautiful.
★ Strong power: load 15000 rpm/min speed, can quickly stir all kinds of fruits, juice, soy milk, milkshake, rice paste
★ Small and convenient: the easy-to-carry silicone lifting ring design allows you to take the juice bottle to any place, sports, outing, outdoor, picnic.
★ With usb charging cable: It can be charged anytime and anywhere without worrying about any electricity, family, and travel needs.
★ Easy to clean: Our travel blender is easy to clean, just rinse it under water after use. (Warning: Do not immerse the main unit in water for a long time) Only wash your hand

•Do not soak the main unit in water for a long time.
•The ingredients and liquids can not exceed 400ml line to avoid spillage.
•In order to ensure the production effect, it is recommended to perform the charging operation before the first use

【Product Name】: Portable Juicer Cup
【Volume】: 500ml
【Battery Parameter】: 5V/1-2A
【Charging Time】: around 2 hours
【Battery Capacity】: 1300mAh
【Cup Material】: PCTG
【Package size】: 90×90×220mm

1). No need to connect the charging cable, 15 cups of juice can be squeezed on one charge
2). Easy to carry, you can enjoy juice anytime, anywhere
3. Small size but powerful, can be carried around, volume 250ml~400ml
4). Use the same material as the baby bottle for more peace of mind
5). Non-slip/antifreeze cups make it easy to make juices and smoothies
6). No need to clean by hand, pour water into the juice cup to clean automatically

1).When using for the first time, fully charge the juice cup and thoroughly clean the area where it comes into contact with food.
2).When there is no object in the juice cup, do not start it, which may cause damage.
It has intelligent protection and cannot be powered up if the lid is not tightened
3).When the lid is tightened, a blue light will illuminate, indicating that the juice cup can start running normally.
4).There is a English manual in the package, please read the control instructions.
Electric Fruit Juicer Cup Bottle Mixer 500ML USB Portable Rechargeable Juice Extractors Blender with 4 Blades
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