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Eimele Shine Greens Family Pack 150g

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Mageline 麦吉丽
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Product Information

Natural Plant-Based Wellbeing, with Nutrients known to Benefit Liver, Kedney & Gut Health. Shine Greens is your daily greens formula created with specific ingredients that support your body's natural detoxification process, boost your immunity and gut healthsupport the gut microbiome and promote optimal function of key organs

Shine Greens has a speciality blend of nutrient dense, plant-based wholefood ingredients, fiberpre- and probiotics that are known to benefit the liver, kidneys and intestine. With 70% of your immune system located in the gut, looking after your gut health is key to living a healthy life. 

Shine greens is a daily powdered greens supplement. Simply mix a satchet with water, juice, a smoothie or with your favourite dish. 62 Nutrients for your Daily Needs Eimele Shine Greens extracted 62 nutrients needed by human body from nearly 30 fruits and vegetables and marine minerals, including 5 active probiotics, 10 vitamins, 16 minerals, 2 macronutrients, 2 amino acids, 27 plant polyphenols and whole food ingredients. A 3rd Party Scientific Report Shows: · 79% Gastrointestinal Improvement · 58% Sleep Improvement · 29% Improvement in Memory, Concentration and Energy · 25% Experienced Weight Loss Gut Health The intestines remove waste from the body. A diet rich in fiber and polyphenols is essential to support this final stage. Gut blend inlcudes whole orange fiber with naturally occurring prebiotics, marine magnesium, green cabbage, papaya and bio-fermented probiotics, insoluble fiber, prebiotic (soluble) fiber and probiotics all work together to support the intestine's vital function of efficiently removing waste and reducing gut stress.

Kidney Health

The kidney maintains the balance of electrolytes and elimination of toxins from the liver, as well as ammonia, acids and excess salt. Kidney blend includes barley grass, parsley, cherry juice, cranberry juice and asparagus. Plant-based foods rich in polyphenols and antioxidants help neutralise stress from build-up of acids in the kidneys.

Liver Health

The liver neutralises and transforms toxins into water-soluble waste to be expelled from the body. Liver blend includes wheatgrass, broccoli sprout, turmeric, globe artichoke, dandelion leaf, blackcurrant juice, organic spirulina and organic broken cell chlorella. Foods such as turmeic and broccoli sprouts, enriched with plant-based antioxidants, support the liver's natural antioxidant function, which neutralises oxidative stress.

Beneifts of Shine Green

1. Digestion Support A combination of probiotic bacteria and whole food prebiotic fiber supports a healthy gut microbiome and dirgestive health. Fibre assists toxin elimination from the gut, while marine magnesium supports healthy bowel motions.

2. Reduce Bloating Digestive enzymes from papaya aid in the breakdown of foods, supporting digestion and reducing bloating. The probiotics contained in Shine Greens also assist the digestive process while helping to reduce gas.

3. Improve Vitality & Energy Improving digestion and toxin elimination through increasing plant fiber helps to enhance energy and vitality. B vitamins, iron and magnesium provide essential support for energy production. 4. General Health & Wellbeing Essential nutrients, polyphenols, antioxidants, prebiotic fiber and probiotics help to reduce inflammation and enhance whole body health.

Directions for use Add a sachet to your favourite beverage or smoothie at or below room temperature. Do not add to hot water as it may break down the delicate polyphenols and antioxidants. Enjoy 1-2 sachets per day. Can be sprinled onto your favourite food. 


Eimele 亦餐小绿芯 产品描述

超级绿粉, 先减后加, 身态洁净一步到位! 综合营养绿粉, 超给绿粉, 身体里的超级滤芯, 三脏器联动清理体内废物, 营养丰富更高效 植物基成份更纯粹. 这些是否是你日常生活 【 写照 】? 常吃外卖、喝饮料,三餐不定、爱吃宵夜、加工食品、蔬菜水果严重不足, 常爆肝熬夜、加班、长时间坐着、吸烟、喝酒, 生活环境常有雾霾、工厂环绕、汽车尾气... 以上不良生活方式, 让身体毒素蔓延,内忧外患, 身体不堪重负! 避无可避的【毒素】累积 毒素 是不能够及时排出体外,同时对我们的身体,情绪造成不良影响的物质

【毒素】对身体的影响不可乎视 1. 影响营养吸收, 营养因“排毒”过度消耗 2. 毒素累积在身体内, 亚健康, 疾病, 皮肤暗沉, 色斑, 脏腑炎性表现, 累积在脂肪中影响代谢引发慢病.

SHINE GREENS为身体带来哪些好的改变? - 协助平衡三高 - 预防慢性疾病 - 支持体重管理 - 支持免疫维护

Eimele Shine Greens Family Pack 150g
Eimele Shine Greens Family Pack 150g
Eimele Shine Greens Family Pack 150g
Eimele Shine Greens Family Pack 150g
Eimele Shine Greens Family Pack 150g
Eimele Shine Greens Family Pack 150g
Eimele Shine Greens Family Pack 150g
Eimele Shine Greens Family Pack 150g
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